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Hardcore Heat: Strong Style Typings - Tag Team Title Match

Hardcore Heat: Strong Style Typings

Semi-Main Event
IWS Tag Title Match
IWS Champions The Untouchables (Dan Paysan and Jimmy Stone) vs. EXesS and Heavy Maxx Fury

Ersatz Italian Number OneThere are a lot of things that I could call Dan Paysan and Jimmy Stone: Ersatz Italians for one. They are like the display kitchens you find in Italian homes, they look pretty, they look impressive, but you can't test them because they are supposed to stay perfect and preserved under plastic.

Take Hardcore Heat as an example. We took the summer off, so Dan and Jimmy spent months lobbying to be able to choose their own opponents. After a lot of sucking up to "Our Beloved Leader" Nic Paterson, the Undynamic Duo convinced him that there was no team in the International Wrestling Syndicate who could compete with them and the best thing to do was to create a new team.

Ersatz Italian Number ZeroDan and Jimmy's choice for new partners: Heavy Maxx Fury and EXesS. Now, as wrestlers their credentials are impeccable. EXesS is the only Triple Crown winner in IWS history having won every belt in the IWS. Maxx can claim to be the second man to be IWS Champion and he won the first Extreme Dream tournament with Hardcore Ninja Number One to become the inaugural tag team champions of the IWS. Both men have extensive martial arts backgrounds and are considered to be among a handful of Quebec wrestlers who could be called shooters.

Sounds like two formidable opponents for The Untouchables right? As individuals, absolutely. As a team, maybe not.

He would rather beat the SHIT out of you than shake your hand.Keep in mind that at our last two shows, EXesS and Maxx Fury beat the ever-living shit out of each other, first in a short but great hard-hitting wrestling match followed by an MMA match at our Tenth Anniversary show. Not to mention that EXesS is such a miserable, cantankerous, perfectionist son-of-a-bitch that it seems like no one is good enough for EXesS to accept as a partner.

(I once joked backstage with EXesS that if we could clone him and create a twin EXesS, that he still wouldn't be good enough to meet EXesS' exacting standards, and rather than getting mad at me or laughing at me, instead EXesS got thoughtful,"Non, c'est vraie. Je n'aimerai pas m'avoir comme un partnenaire non plus.")

If I have to beat the SHIT out of you to get you to shake my hand, that's a sacrifice that I am willing to make.
So, it would seem like Dan and Jimmy have figured out the perfect plan for an easy title defence. Pick two guys who hate each other, watch them turn on one another, and then pick them off for the pin and the win.

Yeah, it is a good plan, even a great plan, except for two teeny tiny little things.

First, you remember that bit about Heavy Maxx Fury winning the Extreme Dream Tournament with Hardcore Ninja Number One. Yeah, funny thing about that. Maxx started the tournament with T.N.T. as his partner and the Hardcore Ninjaz started the tournament as a team. T.N.T. and Hardcore Ninja Number Two both got hurt and suddenly two guys who LOATHED one another were teaming together... and all they did was become the first-ever IWS tag team champions.

Point being that Maxx has a history of working with people that he hates to win gold.

Even more importantly, do we even know that these two guys hate one another? EXesS is exactly the guy who having been beaten to a pulp by Maxx on two occasions may have finally found a man that he can respect in the ring. And if these two guys are actually talking to one another, respecting each other and working with one another, well let's just say that the plastic is going to get ripped off of The Untouchables perfect display and they are going to have to do some real work.

And man, that is something that I want to see.


Hardcore Heat Card to date:

ChallengerIWS Champion

IWS Title Match:
The Challenger
El Generico
IWS Champion
Beef Wellington


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