Wednesday, August 26, 2009

En Primeur Séance Meilleurs Films Visuels

YoungCuts Film Festival

Horaires Festival de Films YoungCuts Film Festival Schedule
Saturday, September 26th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h samedi le 26 septembre.

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The En Primeur Best Visual Films Screening will feature:
La Séance En Primeur Meilleur Films Visuels, incluant:

Films in this screening are short-listed for the En Primeur Best Cinematography Award and the Best Editing Award.

Retiring Clean by Caillie WestRetiring Clean by/par Caillie West, Canada. A grumpy janitor gains a new appreciation for life after meeting with the ghost of his former self.

Pushing Buttons by/par Quinn Cagney, USA. Breaking news sweeps the nation: tycoon billionaire Windsor Van Gold has been murdered!

A Very Merry Christmas by/par Jonathon Gittus, Australia. Tragic comedy focusing on a fattening aging man working as a Santa Claus in the lead-up to Christmas.

Sasquatch by Fahim KassamSasquatch by/par Fahim Kassam, Canada. Greg tries to write an original commercial idea at his cabin while being stalked by an egotistical Ranger and a Sasquatch.

Foreign Soil
by Mazi Khalighi, Canada. The Taheri family has just handed in Canada, but their arrival starts off on the wrong foot.

Macabre Muse by Daniel DevineMacabre Muse by/par Daniel Devine, USA. An art student, struggling to find inspiration, turns to professional killing to jump-start his stagnated creativity.

The Bridge by/par Sheldon Schwartz, USA. A Japanese-American soldier serving in World War II joins a squad of Caucasian soldiers on a dangerous patrol in Nazi-occupied Italy.

The Peace Offering by Brandon TomThe Peace Offering by/par Brandon Tom, Canada. Yvette Jacobs' family is torn apart when her husband Ken's former colonel asks him to end the war through self-sacrifice.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by/par Joe Ciaravino, Canada. An old waiter struggles to find a sense of meaning and dignity in his life amidst a world that is seemingly "full of nothing".

(one) by/par Benjamin Bee Stevens, UK. A lonely man is offered an unexpected chance to free himself from his misery.

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