Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hardcore Heat: Strong Style Typings - 6 Man all F(r)ed Up

Hardcore Heat: Strong Style Typings

6 Man all F(r)ed Up!

Fred l'EgoI was supposed to be announcing the 5th entrant in the 6 man match and then the 6th entrant was going to be a surprise. The 5th entrant was scheduled to be WonderFred, looking to reestablish himself in the IWS, and needing a win to do so, but then Fred got his own idea.

If I was being a cynic, I would tell you that Fred was concerned that in a six man match he would have to share the spotlight with five other wrestlers and splitting the crowd's attention that many ways didn't give Fred enough glory, but actually that's not being cynical that's being factual.

Fred told us that he is the biggest star in Quebec and that there is no way that he could prove that in a six man match - that he needed to be the center of attention in order to prove to the world what was so obvious to him.

In order to satisfy Fred's demands, we have decided to change the Six-Man Scramble match into a Fatal Four-Way Match and give Fred the singles match that he is demanding. We are currently trying to find Fred the world-class opponent that he so clearly deserves.


Canada's Greatest Athlete

Nic Paterson has gotten it into his head that I inadvertently buried this announcement earlier. Completely untrue. I deliberately buried it.

But I did say that I would make the announcement again. Hopefully announcing the Fred bit first will bury this again. Nic is really excited that he has signed to the IWS roster - Canada's Greatest Athlete!

I guess Nic is hoping that people will go nuts trying to guess who this amazing athlete could possibly be.




All right. I will start: Is it Iron Mike Sharpe? He used to call himself Canada's Greatest Athlete.


Hardcore Heat Card to date:

ChallengerIWS Champion

IWS Title Match:
The Challenger
El Generico
IWS Champion
Beef Wellington

Ersatz Italian Number OneHe would rather beat the SHIT out of you than shake your hand.

IWS Tag Team Title Match:
The Challengers
EXesS and
Heavy Maxx Fury
IWS Champions
The Untouchables
Dan Paysan and
James Stone

Ersatz Italian Number ZeroIf I have to beat the SHIT out of you to get you to shake my hand, that's a sacrifice that I am willing to make.

ChallengerIWS Canadian Champion

IWS Canadian Title Match:
The Challenger
Sexxxy Eddy
IWS Canadian Champion
Shayne Hawke

Urban Sharp Dressed Man MilesThe Bouncing Brawler - Mike Speedball Bailey
Six Man Scramble
Fatal Four-Way Match

Urban Miles
Mike "Speedball" Bailey
Twiggy - The Air Guitar HeroJagged - The Tag Team Specialist

PCP Crazy F'N MannyThe Green Phantom

Burning Tables Match
Loser Gets FIRED:
PCP Crazy F'N Manny vs.
The Green Phantom

Nic PatersonCanada's Greatest Athlete
Canada's Greatest Athlete!
Nic Paterson brings
Canada's Greatest Athlete
to the IWS.

Canada's Greatest Athlete


IWS DVD & Ticket Special

I now have copies of the IWS Tenth Anniversary show X in my office. They are $20, or you can get the DVD and a VIP ticket to Hardcore Heat for $30. Special is good until Friday, August 28th. You can pay by paypal: or contact me at that e-mail address for more details.


International Wrestling Syndicate presents Hardcore Heat on Saturday, August 29th, at the Just For Laughs Museum Studio, 2101 Saint-Laurent, Montreal. Doors open at 8:00PM, Bell rings at 9:00PM. VIP Tickets are $20, Regular Tickets are $15.00. 18+ Card and Times subject to change.

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