Friday, August 21, 2009

Hardcore Heat: Strong Style Typings - 6 Man Match II

Hardcore Heat: Strong Style Typings

Six Man Scramble Match

Let me be clear. This is not a ladder match. Which is to say that you won't see guys hitting each other with a great big yellow ladder, but this is a match in which guys will be climbing a ladder - an invisible ladder - trying to improve their careers; trying to lay their claim for a future title shot; trying to make their mark in the International Wrestling Syndicate.

The first two entrants.

Entrant#1: The Rookie - Urban Miles

Entrant#2: The Bouncing Brawler - Mike "Speedball" Bailey

And now the next two entrants:

The Air Guitar HeroEntrant#3: Twiggy
While Urban Miles is wrestling in his first IWS match and Speedball is an IWS rookie, Twiggy is an IWS veteran, having made his IWS debut all the way back in Violent Valentine February 2004.

The IWS Air Guitar Hero has had success in the IWS, but maily in tag teams. As a singles wrestler, he hasn't won a match since September 2008 (or as Twiggy puts it he "Hasn't tatsed victory in nearly a year.")

The problem for Twiggy is that with a couple of shining exceptions, his career in the IWS has been defined by his losses, his almost victories - almost beating Manny for the IWS title, almost beating Shayne Hawke for the IWS Canadian Title. Twiggy wants to redefine his career by winning an IWS singles title. To do that he needs to start a series of victories.

Beginning with winning this match.

The Tag Team SpecialistEntrant#4: Jagged
The perception is that Jagged is a - no THE Tag Team Specialist, the guy that made 2.0 tick, but a guy that works best with someone watching his back. Of course, that perception would imply that Jagged should be looking for a new tag team now that 2.0 has been forced to split in the IWS.

The problem with that description of Jagged is that it forgets that when Shane Matthews was injured for six months, Jagged had enormous and immediate success as a singles wrestler, winning the IWS Canadian title and earning a singles tryout match with Ring of Honor. Jagged has a great opportunity to start his second singles run with the same success that he had in his last singles run.

All he has to do is win this match.


Hardcore Heat Card to date:

ChallengerIWS Champion

IWS Title Match:
The Challenger
El Generico
IWS Champion
Beef Wellington

Ersatz Italian Number OneHe would rather beat the SHIT out of you than shake your hand.

IWS Tag Team Title Match:
The Challengers
EXesS and
Heavy Maxx Fury
IWS Champions
The Untouchables
Dan Paysan and
James Stone

Ersatz Italian Number ZeroIf I have to beat the SHIT out of you to get you to shake my hand, that's a sacrifice that I am willing to make.

ChallengerIWS Canadian Champion

IWS Canadian Title Match:
The Challenger
Sexxxy Eddy
IWS Canadian Champion
Shayne Hawke

Urban Sharp Dressed Man MilesThe Bouncing Brawler - Mike Speedball Bailey
Six Man Scramble Match
Urban Miles
Mike "Speedball" Bailey


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