Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mirror Weekly Best Short Shorts Screening

YoungCuts Film Festival

Horaires Festival de Films YoungCuts Film Festival Schedule
Tuesday, September 29th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h, mardi le 29 septembre.

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Sponsor/CommanditaireThe Mirror Weekly Best Short Shorts Screening will feature:

La Séance de l'Hebdomadaire Mirror Meilleur Court Court Métrage, incluant:

Vigilante by Mitchell ArendThe Winner of the YoungCuts Repechage Public Vote:
Vigilante by/par Mitchell Arend, Canada. A costumed crime-fighter reflects on his career choice with a TV news crew.

Duplicate Complicate by by Peter Ian Mancao, Philippines. One twin pushes the limits of outdoing the other to get the girl he likes.

The following films in this screening are short-listed for the Mirror Weekly Best Short Shorts Award.

Passé Composé by Alexandre LynnPassé Composé by Alexandre Lynn and Mathieu Grimard, Canada. Félix tente de reconstituer les éléments d'hier. Il fait face à lui-même lorsqu'il apprend la mort de sa mère. Felix tries to piece together his memories of the day before. To his surprise, he confronts himself when he learns of the death of his mother.

The Kill by Joe Vea, USA. The boyfriend finds his love slain and seeks to avenge her killer.

Alien Abduction by David HanAlien Abduction by David Han, USA. A hungry alien tries to bring home a bull to cook and eat.

by Melanie Delloye, France/USA. As she watches her mother and brother play, a jealous little girl sits by herself on a swing.

1271 by Michael Warczak, Australia. Have you found Jesus yet?

Breathless by Kyle SandilandsBreathless by Kyle Sandilands, Canada. A man reflects on his destructive actions after vowing to avenge his girlfriend's death.

by Max Blustin, UK. A request to borrow some money brings about unexpected consequences.

The Reel Man by Kieran Heilbron, Canada. A short film about a man, a hat and a fishing rod.

Dogface by Shai HalfonDogface by Shai Halfon, USA. A world War II soldier, suffering from combat stress, sits alone in his foxhole behind enemy lines.

by Tyler Knell, USA. After her husband locks himself in the bathroom and does not respond, a woman calls the police and explains the events leading to his death.

Le Cou Cou by Zed Bennett Jr.Le Cou Cou by Zed Bennett Jr., USA. The interaction between a shop owner and a malfunctioning cuckoo clock.

Layang-Layang (Kites) by Agnes G. Wiguna, Canada. A childhood story about a boy who wants to catch the clouds.

Tah-Dah by Stacey Chomiak, Canada/USA. One bug. One farmer. And the cello that brought them together.

Estigia (Styx) by Claudette Montero, Argentina/USA. They say that witchcraft does not exist but we must never forget the capacity of hatred and another human being.

Mala Smrt (Little Death) by Claiborne McDonald, Czech Republic/USA. The sexual exploits of a teenage girl manifest their consequences in the death of her father.

Static by Jack LykinStatic by Jack Lykins, USA.

Doll Call by Sanabel Almomani, Chris Gonzalez and Yesenia Deleon, USA. What happens when the forces of evil are awakened and a doll becomes a mechanical killer?

Joyeux Festin by Sara Dupéré, Canada. Orgie sanglante de sauce à "spag" sur un lit de vidanges. A holiday feast of spaghetti sauce on a litter of garbage.

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