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Virgin Radio 96 presents the Canadian Heritage Opening Night Screening for the YoungCuts Film Festival

Virgin Radio 96 presents:

The Canadian Heritage Opening Night Screening
for the Tenth Anniversary YoungCuts Film Festival

Featuring great short films by Quebec's best young Anglophone filmmakers...

Friday, 30 September 2011 7PM/19h vendredi, le 30 septembre, 2011
Guzzo Mega-Plex Sphèretech 14, 3500 Côte-Vertu, Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada.
17 Films, approximately 93 minutes

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2011 YCFF Tickets - Friday 7PM

1. Batminton (QC) Sarah Quirion, Animation, 0:30

2. Generation Segregation (QC) Emily Johnsson, Documentary, 3:30

3. Ballad of Shadows (QC) Ben McKinnon, Experimental Short, 4:30

4. Snowball (QC) Eric Bent, Animation, 1:00  

 Synopsis: A young man becomes the target of a snowball thrower while making a snowman. Will he ignore it....or get back at him? (Somewhat based on a real event)

5. Echo (QC) Nicolas Bacon, Drama Short, 5:00

Synopsis: The life of a young man is threatened by a masked individual in the middle of the California desert. 
La vie d'un jeune homme est menacée par un individu cagoulé en plein désert californien. 

6. Disconnected (QC) Alberto D'Onofrio, Drama (Teen), 12:30

Synopsis: Mark, a seventeen-year-old schizophrenic boy, struggles to live with his condition.

7. Solstice (QC) Caroline de Konick, Animation, 3:30

8. Our Subject is Hair (QC) Vincent Toi, Documentary, 8:00

9. Little Black Boxes (QC) Sophie Choquette, Animated Music Video (Teen), 4:30

10. Blacksmith (QC) Francis Martineau, Short Drama, 4:00

Synopsis: Written, shot and edited in 24 hours. A blacksmith prepares his workshop for a blind date with a mysterious woman. This movie is the perfect example of how a great story can be created under pressure.

11. FrAME (QC) Vincent Toi, Drama, 7:00

12. Waning (QC) Gina Haraszti, Experimental Drama, 8:00

Synopsis: Waning is a short fiction film using spacial montage to address the narratives of memory and loss. The story follows an aspiring model who one day meets a photographer with a unique portfolio, seeking beauty in death.

13. Switching Worlds (QC) Francesca Abbondanza-Bergeron, Animation + Drama (Teen), 5:00

Synopsis: The story of a young man obsessed with the women depicted in mangas and animes (Japanese cartoons).

14. Foodsploitation (QC) Adam Bagatavicius, Experimental Comedy, 6:00

Synopsis: A food exploitation fantasia.
Une fantaisie de nourriture exploitée.

15. I'll be Waiting Outside (QC) Fanny Pascual, Short Drama, 5:00

Synopsis: During an interview with an employment agency, Matthew, a young dropout without ambition, bares his soul when given the chance to talk about himself to someone who will listen.

16. Haleiya (QC) A. J. Korkidakis, Animated Music Video, 3:30

Synopsis: Where do memories go when we don't want them anymore? The journey of an abandoned moment from the past, searching for a new home, told through a series of photographs and stop motion animation.

17. Imprint (QC) Jason Ambrus, Science Fiction, 11:00

Synopsis: In a not-too-distant future, powerful conglomerate, the Global Space Agency plans to launches a highly-classified single-manned mission into the depths of the solar system.

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Ticket Bundle YCFF 2011 Friday 7PM

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YCFF 2011 Festival Pass

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2011 YCFF Screening DVD

For information about the screening or alternative ways to buy tickets, passes or screening DVDs contact us at the YoungCuts offices: 514.285.4591

YoungCuts Film Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary (Official Selections Press Release)

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution

YoungCuts Film Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The YoungCuts Film Festival is pleased to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the announcement of 2011’s Top 100 short films by the world’s best young filmmakers 25 and under. Oasis HD will present the films at Montreal’s Guzzo Spheretech theatres from Friday, September 30th to Sunday, October 2nd.

The Festival starts with a free screening 1PM on Friday, presented as part of les Journées de la Culture. Featuring films by young Quebec filmmakers, the opening screening is designed to show high school students the kinds of films that they can aspire to produce at the CEGEP level.

Virgin Radio 96 presents the festival’s Opening Night Canadian Heritage screening at 7PM on Friday, in a session that features Quebec’s best young anglophone filmmakers. Oasis HD presents the 9PM screening which concludes with a fantastic documentary, Finding Fathers, an emotional journey by American war orphans to visit their fathers’ graves in Normandy.

On Saturday October 1, Tribute Magazine and En Primeur present screenings at 5PM, 7PM and 9PM featuring great films from Quebec, Canada, the United States and the World, including the always popular Animation and Music screening at 5PM.

On Sunday October 2, TextbookVideos presents the best films from teen filmmakers at 5PM, including I Love Burgz, a film about Little Burgundy produced by the charity Leave Out Violence.  At 7 PM, presents great films from Quebec, Canada, the United States and the World. The festival concludes with the Oasis HD Grand Prix selection, the best films from the festival, at 9PM.

The festival presents at least one filmmaker award per screening. Every year, festival judges evaluate more than a thousand films from 30 countries before selecting the top 100 films. This year’s Top 100 includes films from 10 countries in 10 different languages.  La Ville de Montréal, le Bureau du Cinéma et de la Télévision de Montréal, the Mirror and 24 Heures also sponsor the YoungCuts Film Festival.

The 2011 YoungCuts Film Festival selections are:

1000 Things (Canada) Bryce Bladon
36, The (USA)     Nic Weinfeld
5 Minutes Each (Canada/Serbia) Vojin Vasovic
Adventures of Floating Boy and Flying Girl, The (USA) Jimmy Peguero
Agent 6 (USA) Jason Kent Carpenter
Américaine, L'     (QC) Domingo Lamarre
Amis, Les (QC) Olivier Brisson
An Inconvenient Route (Canada) Rocket Lai
Au Coeur de la Foret (Canada) Katty Yew Ngan Lun
Ballad of Shadows (QC) Ben McKinnon
Batminton (QC) Sarah Quirion
Best Christmas Ever, The (USA) Kai Winikka
Bird (USA) John Balcome
Bit Epicure (Canada) Rosa Aiello
Blacksmith (QC) Francis Martineau
Blind Luck (Australia) Amy Wang
Blink (Canada) Miles Jay
Break of Reality Spectrum of the Sky (USA) S. V. Broadbent and Tami Tamar Sasson
Bust (QC) Daniel Daigle
Carny (USA) Kevin Lonano
Carrottes D'Eliott, Les (QC) Tanya Grenier
Castoffs (Australia) Tom Campbell
Choking Hazard (Australia) Ella Macintyre
Claret (Canada) Izzy Traub
Clocked In (USA) Ike AhLoe
Closures (Canada) Michael McLaughlin
CMHA Depression PSA (Canada) Adrian Halter
Cobaye en Fuite (QC) Steve Ouellette
Collection of Walt, A (USA) Greg Yagolnitzer
Combi Borracha, La (Mexico) Luis David Rojas
Common Ground (Australia) Hollie Fifer
Conte de L'Orpherline, Le (QC) Katerine Lefrançois
CUEB (USA) Alex Knoll
Cut (USA) Molly Cinnamon
Daddy's Little Girl (Canada) Shawn Gerrard
Daniel and Damien (Australia) Zoe Andrikidis
Dead Grass, Dry Roots (USA) John Negropontes
Déboires (Setbacks) (QC) Delia Gunn
Diaspora (Canada) Aadhi Vive
Disconnected (QC) Alberto D'Onofrio
Divorce, A (Australia) Beini Huang
Echo (QC) Nicolas Bacon
Empty Playground, The (USA) Philip Giordano
En Route (Canada/USA) Colin Levy
Exonerated (USA) Jeremy Goodman
Extraordinary Fight of Atticus Walker and the Monster in his Mind, The (USA) Michael Karman
Face Shop, The (USA) Noella Borie
Fin de Loup, Un (QC) Antoine Gaumont Lampron
Finding Fathers (France/USA) France Costrel
Finding Soil (USA) Tavarius Eberhart
Flagpole (USA) Matt Kazman
Flicker (USA)    London Donoho
Fokker, Le (QC) Anthony Boulay
Foodsploitation (QC) Adam Bagatavicius
FrAME (QC) Vincent Toi
Freeriders (USA) Troup Wood
FTW (Canada) Tyler Funk
Generation Segregation (QC) Emily Johnsson
Girl and the Fox, The (USA) Tyler Kupferer
Gisèle, Darling (QC) Cécile Gariépy
Halbschlaf (Switzerland) Johannes Hartmann
Haleiya (QC) A. J. Korkidakis
Hiding the Past (USA) Kanyon Iwami
History of Denim, The (UK) Drew Roper
How the Coyote got his Cunning (USA) Claire Niebergall
Hunger Pains (Canada) Oliver Lauder
I Love Burgz (QC) Leave Out Violence Filmmakers   
I'll be Waiting Outside (QC) Fanny Pascual
Icare et le Géant (QC) Simon    Leclerc
Il Était Encore Un Fois (QC) Roxanne Baril-Monfette
Imprint (QC) Jason Ambrus
Insecurity (USA) Mallory Mahar
Interférence (QC) Julie Vaillancourt
Invité, L' (QC) Colin Racicot
Jake Arrives (USA) Max Azulay
Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja (Canada) Greg Doble
K.O. (USA) Dan Basone
Kill Matilda - Faultlines (Canada) Nathan Skillen
Laisse Don' Faire (QC) Patrice Laliberté
Lemons and Lemonade (Canada) Milton Ng
LipDub at Calvin College (USA) Rachel Kuyvenhoven
Little Black Boxes (QC) Sophie Choquette
Little Brother (USA) James Morrison
Lumière dans la nuit (QC) Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
Medium Saignant (QC) Marilou Beauchamp-Lalonde and Jean-Carl Boucher
MeJohn (USA) Phillip Bernardino-Gomez
Miss Lucky Misfortune (USA) Thomas E. Mann
Mon Monde (USA) Chrystin Garland
Monde a Découvrir, Un (QC) Renaud Plante
Morning Mrs. Meth (Israel) Eli Arenson
Noble Cause, A (Canada) Karl Kimmel
Nodin (Wind) (Canada) Nodin Wawatu
Of Hope and a Memoried Day (USA) Nicholas Reynolds
Oh Hey! Drunk Driving PSA (Canada) Bryce Bladon
On the Ring (USA) Santiago Garza
Onion Skin (Canada) Joseph Procopio
Our Subject is Hair (QC) Vincent Toi
Paper Dreams (USA) Datev Gallagher
Patrick the Artist (Canada) Aidan Jeans
Play Lunch (Australia) Tamara Small
Play Time (USA) Roxy Shih
Point Final (QC) Katia Shannon
Récits d'Hyperinflation (QC) Karim Haroun, Julien Cadieux
Redemption of Jackson Gaines, The (Canada) John David Morrison
Rusted Pyre (Canada/USA) Laurence Cohen
Sadako (USA) Andy Mai
Sanjari (The Dreamers) (UK) Matt Maude
Sebastian's Adventure (USA) Nat Motulsky
Send Me to Babylon (USA) Jeremiah James
Snowball (QC) Eric Bent
Solstice (QC) Caroline de Konick
Something Wrong (UK) Michael Donaghy
Suffocation (USA) Nick Lieberman
Summer & Its Rain (Singapore) Joshua Simon
Sun and Moon, The (USA) J. J. Rubin
Switching Worlds (QC) Francesca Abbondanza-Bergeron
Teddybear (USA) Marcus Liberski
Tempus Fugit (QC/France) Fred Grivois
Toy House (USA) Yunjeong Ko
Turn Up the Volume (Canada) Miles Jay
Twilite – Fire (Poland) Marcin Mikulski
Untermensch (Subhuman) (USA) Michael Aloyan
Volition (USA) Maqui Gaona
Waning (QC) Gina Haraszti
Waterton Lakes – Dreamer (Canada) Kevin Caners
When the Water Rises (USA) Patrick Gines
Wrecking Ball (Australia) Guy Verge Wallace
Yeku Remixed (QC) Simon Lardie

About the YoungCuts Film Festival
Founded in 2001, the YoungCuts Film Festival’s goal is to advance the careers of up-and-coming filmmakers. This international festival selects the best independent short films produced by young people 25 and under. The event runs from September 30th to October 2nd at the Guzzo Mega-Plex Sphèretech 14, 3500 Côte-Vertu, Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada.

-30 -

Source : Jay Moulton, Chairman, YoungCuts Film Festival
Information: Michael Ryan, Festival Director, YoungCuts Film Festival, 514-285-4591,

You can download a PDF of this press release HERE!

And we're back! Normal YoungCuts blogging will now resume!

And we're back! Normal YoungCuts blogging will now resume!

Here at the YoungCuts offices we have been ridiculously busy working on a project producing 100 short films about key concepts in Introductory Economics for (We are about half done that project which involved filming more than 20 professors from 12 different states/provinces across North America.)

In addition, the Canada Post strike really set us back. The day the strike ended, we got 10 films for the Festival and we foolishly thought that was the accumulated back-log. Then we got 20 the next day and found out that the strike had stopped the films where they were for 2 weeks. So every day for the next two weeks, we got more and more films!

When we finally dug our way out, bleary-eyed and fatigued, we had a list of some amazing films to program. Many of the films that we rejected this year would have won awards at previous YoungCuts Film Festivals. The Teen category is particularly strong with a number of films that could play at any Festival anywhere in the world against competition with decades more experience.

We have finalized our Top 100 list (which goes over 100 just a smudge a lot) and we are preparing to release our official press release. Full screening details with lists of what films are playing when are next, but for the moment, we can confirm the following:

All the screenings will take place at the Guzzo Mega-Plex Sphèretech 14, 3500 Côte-Vertu, Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada on the following dates and times:

Oasis HD Presents:
The 10th Anniversary YoungCuts Film Festival

Friday, September 30th:

1PM: Journées de la culture FREE screening

Featuring films by young Quebec filmmakers, the opening screening is designed to show high school students the kinds of films that they can aspire to produce at the CEGEP level.

Limited seating please contact us to reserve seats. ( or 514.285.4591)

7PM: Virgin96 presents the Canadian Heritage Grand Opening screening

Featuring Quebec’s best young Anglophone filmmakers, as well as young Quebec filmmakers creating films designed to be accessible to an Anglophone audience.

9PM: Oasis HD screening
The opening night concludes with a fantastic documentary, Finding Fathers, an emotional journey by American war orphans who visit their fathers’ graves in Normandy.

Saturday, October 1st:

5PM: Animation and Music screening

7PM: En Primeur screening

9PM: Tribute Magazine screening

Sunday, October 2nd

5PM: Teen screening

Featuring the best films by Teen filmmakers.

Includes two incredible films The 36 and Untermensch (Subhuman) as well as a film about Montreal neighbourhood Little Burgundy called I Love Burgz produced by charity Leave Out Violence.

7PM: screening

9PM: Oasis HD Grand Prix Screening

Featuring the very best films of the YoungCuts Film Festival.

For more information about the YoungCuts Film Festival, keep an eye on this blog, and our web-site, follow our official Twitter feed or contact us at 514.285.4591.

(And this is the very unofficial twitter feed of our Festival Director)

We are also sponsored by: