Wednesday, February 17, 2010

IWS Praise the Violence 2010 - Uno Gets Dirty!

IWS Praise the Violence 2010 - Uno Gets Dirty!

Your 8-Bit HeroI had something else to announce, but I just got off the phone with everyone's favourite 8-Bit Luchadore, Player Uno. The Puroresu Player was super-jazzed because he had picked up some NES cartridge called MicroMachines at a garage sale for a quarter and this was somehow an incredibly big deal. (Honestly I tuned him out after the word Nintendo.)

Point is that finding this cartridge made Uno nostalgic and what he was nostalgic for was coming to IWS and getting the shit kicked out of him and kicking ass straight back. So Uno insisted, nay demanded, that I book him in a match with someone who would give him the fight of his life.

Now the only problem for me is that since we had already arranged the card, I had enough left on the budget for Uno, but for his opponent, I basically only had a left-over ham sandwich to pay him with. So I needed someone who can take monstrous amounts of abuse; a brawler who punches and kicks like a mule; and most importantly a man who would work for a half-eaten ham sandwich.

You know it seems to me that I am very familiar with someone who fits that EXACT description. And he owes me a favour too!

Just a second, let me go check the nearest alley-way...




When feeding Stinky curl your fingers away from the foodFans bring your pocket change (and your half-eaten sandwiches) to Praise the Violence, because Stinky the Homeless Guy has agreed to wrestle Player Uno! And just to make things interesting, and to be honest to get Stinky to come, I had to promise Stinky that I would buy him a meal if he beat Uno at Le Skratch. And as someone who once got trampled by Stinky at a Golden Coral buffet, there is nowhere more dangerous than standing between Stinky and a free meal.

Praise the Violence 2010 Card to Date:

IWS Triple Threat Triple Death Match:
Glass, Barbed Wire and Thumb-Tacks

Why he and Sam Jackson could be BROTHERS!IWS ChampionIWS Champion Beef Wellington
(Mr. Glass)


PCP Crazy F'N MannyThat's not rust son, that's blood!PCP Crazy F'N Manny
(Mr. Barbed Wire)


ChallengerEddy - A Self-PortraitSexxxy Eddy
(Mr. Thumb-Tack)

IWS Canadian Title Match: Fatal Four-Way
IWS Canadian ChampionJagged - The Tag Team Specialist?IWS Champion Shayne Hawke



He would rather beat the SHIT out of you than shake your hand.If I have to beat the SHIT out of you to get you to shake my hand, that's a sacrifice that I am willing to make.vs.



Heavy Maxx Fury


The 20 and 10 in 2010 Special

All tickets for Praise the Violence are $10, in advance or at the door, but for $20 in advance you can get an IWS DVD and a ticket for Praise the Violence for $20. Contact me at for more details.

International Wrestling Syndicate presents Praise the Violence on Saturday, March 6th, at the Le Skratch, 965 Cure Labelle, Chomedey, Laval, Quebec. Doors open at 8:00PM, Bell rings at 9:00PM. ALL Tickets are $10.00. 18+ Card and Times subject to change.

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