Monday, February 15, 2010

IWS Praise the Violence 2010 - Canadian Title

Canadian Title Match: Fatal (4-Way) Glory

IWS Canadian ChampionIn comparison to Beef Wellington who has to be talked into defending his title, the IWS Canadian Champion, Shayne Hawke, has been itching to defend his title to the point where I had an argument with him when he threatened to defend his title in the street against any challenger. (He claims he was joking; I am not so sure.)

By the time we got to preparing for Praise the Violence, our Raging Red-Head had changed his mind about who he wanted to face three times. Finally, when I forced him to choose between his top three dream opponents, Hawke impulsively declared that he would take on all three opponents in a Fatal Four-Way.

So judge this champion by his hand-picked opposition, three of the finest wrestlers ever to compete in the IWS:

Jagged - The Tag Team Specialist?First, we have former IWS Canadian Champion, Jagged. Most people think of Jagged as a tag team champion, now doomed to fight as a singles competitor after the Untouchables forced 2.0 to break-up by beating them at X, our Tenth Anniversary, but the last time that Jagged was forced to wrestled on his own during Shane Matthews' injury, Jagged promptly won the IWS Canadian title - only losing it when Shane was on the verge of returning from his injury and making Jagged's life miserable back-stage.

And after a very unscientific survey, I have determined that Jagged was single-handedly responsible for all of 2.0's in-ring success while "Big Bag of Wind" Shane Matthews is an annoying pissant who should stop trying to read the IWS press releases over my shoulder while I am typing them.

Where was I... ?

He would rather beat the SHIT out of you than shake your hand.Our second competitor is the man that Shayne Hawke beat for the IWS Canadian Title in the first place, Quebec's most bulliest bully, EXesS. When EXesS is in a good mood, he is one of the most dangerous submission wrestlers in Canada. When he's pissed off, well when he's pissed off EXesS is the most dangerous man ever to set foot in the IWS ring. And no one grates on EXesS's nerves more than "Le Maudit Roux" Shayne Hawke.

Having won the IWS Title, the IWS Tag Team Title and the IWS Canadian Title, EXesS is the first and only man ever to win the IWS Triple Crown.

If I have to beat the SHIT out of you to get you to shake my hand, that's a sacrifice that I am willing to make.Our last contestant is the only one in the match who has never won the IWS Canadian Title, but if he wins this match he will match EXesS' accomplishment and become the second ever IWS Triple Crown Champion. He was the second man ever to win the IWS Title and one of the first two men to win the IWS Tag Team Title in our first Extreme Dream tournament. One of the smoothest wrestler that I have ever seen and a man who came back to wrestling after a five year's absence showing less rust than the Bentley in Doomsday. He's not my brother, He's Heavy Maxx Fury!

Shayne has the belt and aims to keep it. Jagged needs the belt to prove once again that he is not just a tag-team specialist. Maxx needs the belt to cement his legacy in the IWS and become a Triple Crown Champion. And ExesS? I would tell you that EXesS needs the belt because he hates Shayne Hawke, but the truth is that EXesS hates everybody and lives to make people miserable. The best way to make all three of his opponents miserable is to win the belt and step on their necks while he does it.

Praise the Violence 2010 Card to Date:

IWS Triple Threat Triple Death Match:

Why he and Sam Jackson could be BROTHERS!IWS ChampionIWS Champion Beef Wellington
(Mr. Glass)


PCP Crazy F'N MannyThat's not rust son, that's blood!PCP Crazy F'N Manny
(Mr. Barbed Wire)


ChallengerEddy - A Self-PortraitSexxxy Eddy
(Mr. Thumb-Tack)


The 20 and 10 in 2010 Special

All tickets for Praise the Violence are $10, in advance or at the door, but for $20 in advance you can get an IWS DVD and a ticket for Praise the Violence for $20. Contact me at for more details.

International Wrestling Syndicate presents Praise the Violence on Saturday, March 6th, at the Le Skratch, 965 Cure Labelle, Chomedey, Laval, Quebec. Doors open at 8:00PM, Bell rings at 9:00PM. ALL Tickets are $10.00. 18+ Card and Times subject to change.

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