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Results from NCW Femmes Fatales & other news and notes

Results from NCW Femmes Fatales & other (wrestling) news and notes

Just as a quick reminder:

Montreal Comic-Con
The Montreal Comic Con is this weekend. Besides some great comic book professionals, they will have wrestling legend the Honky-Tonk Man there. They will also have the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. IWS & ISW will have a combined table at the Con and we will have ISW & IWS DVDs for sale at a reduced rate. (NCW is also supposed to be there and they may actually have some DVDs left with Honky-Tonk Man appearing at NCW if you are looking for something for HTM to sign.) It would be worth coming out if only to try and get HTM talking about the good old days because as anyone who has ever read his stuff online knows, the Honky-Tonk Man is not shy with his opinions.

The official announcement:
The Montreal Comic Con comes to Place Bonaventure on September 19th and 20th 2009.
Honky Tonk man, Lou Ferrigno, Boba Fett(Star Wars) and over 40 artists will be at the event.

Admission:only 10$


The whole happy crewNCW Femmes Fatales
Results Quick and Dirty
(Saturday, September 5th)

CandyGirl beat Anastasia Ivy

Addy Starr beat She Nay Nay

Portia Perez defeated Kylie Pierce

Kalamity beat Anna Minoushka, Mary Lee Rose & Roxie Cotton in a 4-way elimination.
Anna Minoushka eliminated by DQ at 7:52.
Roxie Cotton eliminated by Mary Lee Rose at 8:12.
Kalamity forced Mary Lee Rose to submit at 11:37.

Sara Del Rey beat Cherry Bomb in 8:16.

Kacey Diamond defeated Karen Brooks in 13:35.

MsChif beat Misty Haven in 8:29.

LuFisto defeated Cheerleader Melissa in 12:03.

The SLAM! Wrestling article by Pat Laprade.

Pictures from the show. More Pictures.


NCW very smartly gave Lufisto an opportunity to bring back the best of the late lamented Association de Lutte Femenin promotion and pair them with the best Ontario and US joshis for a show. They drew about 150 which is about capacity for the church hall at Des Erables. I hope they made a profit.

Barely Legal actually refers to the fact that Addy is a bleeder. And um that sounds even dirtier.Addy Starr was announced as "Barely Legal" Addy Starr which makes me happy.

Being used to IWS and ISW start times, I showed up just as Portia Perez was winning her match.

The Four-Way Elimination match featured two heels and two baby-faces. They are introduced Japaneses Introduction style which is completely silly. The whole point of doing Japanese intros is to make the match seem special. Doing it every match ruins the effect. Plus it makes it difficult to do the match where the wrestlers start fighting as they are being introduced. Can't interrupt the introductions when they haven't started yet, after all.

OBELISK!The first heel: Anna Minoushka, who has at times been cruelly mocked by the fans as Obelisk's twin sister. Anna was wearing a purple wrap-bra and black pants with dinosaur footprints on Anna's ass. Because we are supposed to be intimidated by the fact that Anna survived a dinosaur stampede or something.

What the smart heel is wearing.Her ally, Kalamity was dressed in a black and silver pant-suit with the silver mostly on the flared legs. She started out wearing long black gloves but ditched them before the match started.

Rideau Valley? St. Lawrence Valley?Roxie Cotton is the face from outside of Quebec. She is wearing an azure blue "Valley Girl" shirt and black skirt. Her leggings match her shirt colour.

The Crowd PleaserThe home-town hero is Mary Lee Rose in a jean jacket covered with buttons, purple highlights in her hair and a black low-cut shirt and shorts combination. The highlights on her shirt and her belt match the highlights in her hair.

I have been very critical of Anna Minoushka in the past for not using her weight to bully girls in the ring, but someone has been working with her because she was much better in the first part of this match quite literally throwing her weight around. Kalamity plays the early part of the match smart, allowing Anna to do most of the heavy lifting.

The faces try to team-up but they don't quite clique. Early on, while trying to double-team they accidentally bang their heads together. Anna's lack of a killer instinct betrays her here as rather than making their mistake look real by attacking Anna waits for them to deliver the planned move. Much better is Kalamity: when Marie Lee Rose does a flippy neck-breaker thing and rolls into the corner colliding with Kalamity's knee, Kalamity immediately jumps on her taking advantage of the mis-cue.

Not understanding the dinosaur footprints on her ass AT ALL.Anna gets DQed for excessive violence, excessive only by the standards of Anna. Mary Lee Rose takes advantage of the DQ to eliminate Roxie who turns slightly heelish by decking Mary Lee Rose in retaliation. Anna stays on the outside and is fed Mary Lee Rose, at which point the wagons completely fall off. Holding Mary Lee Rose in her arms, a tired Anna weakly pats her into the side of the ring rather than strongly bashing her into the corner of the ring. Mary Lee Rose doesn't help a tired Anna, quite the opposite as she sandbags her a little.

(Pat Lono beside me gets incredibly frustrated when the female ref comes outside to rescue Mary Lee Rose and Anna meekly submits. Given that this is the same ref that DQed Anna, the proper heel response would have been to slug the pip-squeak.)

Kalamity is by far the best wrestler in the match, not that there is much competition.

Is she called Roxie Cotton because she wears cotton?Sara del Ray is wearing a black and white (mainly white) sports bra and shorts combo while her opponent Cherry Bomb is wearing a leopard top with pink trim and black pants with strategic cut-outs on the sides of her legs. She is announced as "the cutest girl who could kick your ass" and "she breaks hearts and faces".

Sara del Ray is very generous with Cherry Bomb, but easily outclasses her winning with a modified Fisherman's suplex.

Sara Del Ray has weird eyebrows.At the end of the match, Sara grabs the mike, "I did not come here to face Cherry Bomb! I came here to face the best! Cherry Bomb, yeah she came close, but she is not the best. I am going to be watching the rest of the show from the back to see if tehre is anyone that can give me some competition."

Every Diva needs a fat manager to stand beside.Kacey Diamond is doing a whole Quebec Hollywood star gimmick. She comes out wearing a tiara and black diaphanous cape, waving to the crowd oblivious to the boos. She is wearing a black and silver shirt and connected shorts ensemble along with long black gloves that she wears throughout the match. She is accompanied by her manager who has a blue-tooth connected to her ear that the manager calls our attention to by constantly touching during the match.

She's a Maniac!Karen Brooks comes out to Maniac and bounces around like Tigger wearing a reddish pink t-shirt with a stylicized KB on the front and "Brooks 1" on the back plus matching reddish-pink sports shorts along with white sweat head-band and sweat wrist bands.

Kacey warms up the crowd by telling us that we are not worthy to watch her. Brooks has her own idea on how to warm up with a stretching routine that keeps luring in Kacey Diamond for a sneak attack only for Brooks to change position just in time to foil Kacey's attack, like Lucy snatching the football from Charlie Brown.

Rolling the Red Carpet.Kacey's eventual response is to pull out an honest-to-God red carpet that she rolls out to do her Oscar trot on. Kacey Brooks attacks her on the red carpet, then rolls her up in the red carpet for a pin that Kacey Diamond somehow wriggles out of. Karen foolishly unrolls the carpet freeing Kacey Diamond, and promptly loses the match. To add insult to injury, Kacey Diamond poses for non-existent photographers using the dazed Brooks as a prop.

Kacey Diamond probably twisted the heads off all her Barbies as a child.I Kissed a Girl!

Ms Chif with shiny green breastplateMisty Haven is (aside from Lufisto) Quebec's best Joshi and her match with MsChif was proof positive. Misty's color scheme is purplish-pink with white and she is wearing a sports bra under a shirt and skirt combo. MsChif's favourite colour is obviously green as green highlights her black hair, and her black pants. (Her top is green with black highlights to switch things up.)

Misty Haven is not impressed.Bakais, Quebec (and perhaps Canada)'s best indy ref, is in charge of the match and the reason for that becomes apparent as Bakais searches a grumbling Misty Haven and then moves to search MsChif only for her to scream him away. Misty offers to search instead of Bakais, thinks better of it and then pushes Bakais at MsChif to search her - and both are screamed into the corner. (MsChif is apparently related to Black Canary.)

Don't remember Dinah Lance having green hair.Poor Bakais!
That hurts my back just to look at it.While the match continues on the comedy line, MsChif proves that she has real wrestling chops with a very nice flip into a bridging pin. Later when Misty has MsChif twisted into a pretzel, the green screamer holds the shape when Misty steps away to admire her handiwork and then rolls out of the Escher shape she is holding.

MsChif continues the screaming Mimi motif after winning the match by drpping Misty on her head.

Evil Cheerleader Alert!Cheerleader Melissa is wearing a dark azure blue and black sports bra and shorts combo.

Lufisto is wearing a plaid skirt and tunic. She is doing her goth anime schoolgirl gimmick complete with her doll/manager Pegaboo.

The best wrestler and doll combo since Al Snow and Head.One of the ways that I judge the quality of matches is how many notes that I took. Four pages of notes means that this was a very good match. The first match between Cheerleader Melissa and Lufisto was voted SHIMMER's match of the year for 2008. I can't speak for this match being that good, but it was pretty damn good.

First you take a cross-body block from a doll - then Lufisto hits you.The early part of the match focuses around Pegaboo with Cheerleader Melissa being dismissive and abusive of the doll and paying the price for it.

The match spills to the outside where Melissa shows a real vicious side using a wheelbarrow hold to scrape Lufisto's face along the floor, then stunning Lufisto with a chair-shot, giving her time to grab one of the ring barriers, drop it on top of Lufisto and then walk across it while jawing the fans.

Walk heavily and carry a bigger stick.After rolling Lufisto in, Cheerleader Melissa goes for a series of pins broken up by Lufisto grabbing the ropes either with her hand or foot. Dragging Lufisto to the center for the pin, Melissa is frustrated when Lufisto bridges out of the pin. Frustrated Melissa turns to submission wrestling, but Lufisto again is able to grab the rope for safety.

After a long forearm exchange sequence, Lufisto takes back some contrao of the match with a German Suplex, but quickly falls victim to an absolutely brutal Curb Stomp. Escaping that predicament, Lufisto goes up top, gets caught by Melissa into an Electric Chair, only for Lufisto to flip out of it into a pin that nearly ends the match.

A desperate Cheerleader Melissa tries to finish Lufisto up with a move that is half sidewalk slam and half piledriver, but Lusisto manages to kick out and then bridge out of the follow-up pin. When Lufisto has her chance in turn to drop Melissa on her head, she makes no mistake and gets the pin.

Sara Del Ray in her street eyebrows.To the surprise of absolutely no one, Sara Del Ray breaks up Lufisto's celebrations and the locker room empties to keep the two apart.

A good first show, building on the strengths of ALF. Unfortunately, the follow-up show isn't scheduled until January.


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