Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The YoungCuts Film Festival Best Of and Closing Gala

The YoungCuts Film Festival Best Of and Closing Gala

Thursday, October 1st at Cinema du Parc 3575 Avenue du Parc starting at 9:15

At the end of the screening, we will be presenting awards for Best Canadian Film, Best Director, Best Film and the People's Choice Award.

To see the Award Winners to date at the Festival go HERE!

And to see the leading vote-getters in the People's Choice Awards by evening go HERE!

During our Closing Gala we will present the following films:

A promotional film for the annual Fuller-Landau Cedars Dragonboat Race filmed by Elisa Ruggiero and edited by Francois Laurent

And the YoungCuts 2009 Top Ten Plus One:

Meltdown by David Green, USA
Winner: Little Burgundy Award for Best Animation

Batter Up by Josh Webber, Canada

(one) by Benjamin Bee Stevens, UK
Winner: Award for Best Editing

L'Homme Boreale by Francois Laurent, Canada

Nodutgang (Emergency Exit) by Tomas Solli, Norway

Fashionably Green by Esther Viragh, Canada

The Bridge by Sheldon Schwartz, USA

Le Cou Cou by Zed Bennett Jr., USA
Winner: Mirror Weekly Award for Best Short Short Film

Swipe by Max Blustin, UK

Breathless by Kyle Sandilands, Canada

You Have the Right by Clarity, Canada
Winner: Virgin96 Award for Best Music

We will also be screening the Official Closing Film of the 2009 YoungCuts Film Festival:
S'Oublier by Mirek Hamet, Canada
in a a brand-new 35MM print!

Hope to see you there!

The YoungCuts and MyFilmmaker Team

Jay Moulton, Chairman
Louise Kierans, President
Michael Ryan, Festival Director
Francois Laurent, Festival Co-ordinator
Philippe Lapointe, Festival Producer
Marc Hétu, Festival Producer and Captain of the victorious YoungCuts Film Festival Dragonboat
David Roux, YoungCuts Host
Sabrina D. Fenster , YoungCuts Publicist (STRUT INC.)

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