Friday, September 25, 2009

YoungCuts Film Festival Starts Today!

The YoungCuts Film Festival Starts Today!
Friday, September 25th to Thursday, October 1st at Cinema du Parc
Screenings every day at 9PM, plus extra screenings on Saturday and Sunday at 3PM.

We had our Opening Gala last night at Restaurant Newtown, officially the High Fidelity HDTV Opening Gala - a charity benefit for the Cedars Cancer Institute hosted by the 2009 YoungCuts Honorary Chairman, Justin Trudeau who gave a rousing and inspriring speech telling the filmmakers that they were not the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today.

In addition to Justin Trudeau, we heard from Ken Murphy, CEO of High Fidelity HDTV who called on young filmmakers to help shake up and add new energy to Canada's Film and TV community. There were also remarks from David Roux, our Master of Ceremonies, Jay Moulton, Chairman of YoungCuts and Louise Kierans, President of YoungCuts. Representing the Cedars Cancer Institute, Jeff Shamie, Executive Director and Gwen Nacos, founder of Cedars CanSupport spoke passionately about the involvement of young people in helping raise money for Cedars.

We also played a short film by Francois Laurent and Elisa Ruggierio, produced by YoungCuts documenting the 4th Annual Cedars Cancer Institute Fuller Landau 'Rain or Shine' Dragon Boat Race & Festival. Jeff and Gwen are delighted with the film and intend to use it to help promote the charity and next year's dragonboat race. The film will be replayed on the last evening of the YoungCuts Film Festival during our Best of the Festival Closing Screening, Thursday, October 1st at 9PM.

Newtown was packed for the event, everyone had a great time, we heard some great speeches and we saw a great film and some great trailers! A fantastic kick-off to the Festival!

The 2009 YoungCuts Film Festival Program Book can be downloaded HERE.

If you are not going to be able to make it up for the Festival and would like us to mail you a physical copy of the Program book, just make a donation to the Festival HERE to cover shipping and we will happily mail one out to you with some other memorabilia to the Festival or if you buy one of our production DVDs like you can do HERE we will include a program book in the envelope.

Press Articles about the YoungCuts Film Festival:

September 23rd, 2009
Festival Showcases Young Filmmakers Talents
Page 77
Julia Gerke, Montreal Suburban
Download the PDF: Festival Showcases Young Filmmakers Talent

September 22nd, 2009
YoungCuts Film Festival: It's the young one

Bill Brownstein, Montreal Gazette
Download the PDF: YoungCuts Film Festival: It's the young one

September 21st, 2009
Filmmaker Makes the Cut

Profile of Mazi Khaligi (Foreign Soil)
Download the PDF: Filmmaker Makes the Cut

The Festival Schedule until Thursday:

Friday, September 25th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h vendredi le 25 septembre.
The Best of Quebec Film Screening sponsored by the free daily newspaper 24 Heures (iCi Weekend)
La Séance du Quotidien 24 Heures (iCi Weekend) - Meilleurs Films du Québec
Inclusing/Incluant: iCi Weekend Best Quebec Film Award/Le Prix iCi Weekend Meilleur Film de Quebec

Saturday, September 26th 3PM Cinéma du Parc 15h samedi le 26 septembre. The High Fidelity HDTVBest Documentary Screening
La Séance High Fidelity HDTV Meilleur Documentaire
Inclusing/Incluant: High Fidelity HDTV Best Documentary Film Award/Le Prix High Fidelity HDTV Meilleur Film de Quebec

Saturday, September 26th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h samedi le 26 septembre. The En PrimeurBest Visual Films Screening
La Séance En Primeur Meilleur Films Visuels
Inclusing: The En Priemur Award for Best Cinematography and the Award for Best Editing.
Incluant: Le prix En Primeur pour Meilleur Cinematographie et le prix pour le Meilleur Montage.

Sunday, September 27th 3PM Cinéma du Parc 15h dimanche le 27 septembre.
Little Burgundy presents the Virgin96 Best Animation and Music Screening
Little Burgundy présente la Séance Virgin96 Meilleur Films d'Animation et Musique
Inclusing: The Virgin96 Award for Best Music and the Little Burgundy Animation Award.
Incluant: Le prix Virgin96 pour Meilleur Musique et le prix Little Burgundy pour le Meilleur film d'Animation.

Sunday, September 27th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h dimanche le 27 septembre.
The Best Actor Screening
La Séance Meilleur Acteur
Inclusing/Incluant: Best Actor Award/Le Prix Meilleur Acteur

Monday, September 28th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h Lundi le 28 septembre.
The Best Actress Screening
La Séance Meilleur Actrice
Inclusing/Incluant: Best Actress Award/Le Prix Meilleur Actrice

Tuesday, September 29th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h, mardi le 29 septembre. The Mirror Weekly Best Short Shorts Screening
La Séance de l'Hebdomadaire Mirror Meilleur Court Court Métrage
Inclusing/Incluant: Mirror Weekly Best Short Short Film Award/Le Prix Hebdomadaire Mirror Meilleur Court Court Métrage

Wednesday, September 30th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h, mercredi le 30 septembre.
The Best Teen Film Screening
La Séance Meilleur Film d'Ado
Inclusing/Incluant: Best Teen Film Award/Le Prix Meilleur Film d'Ado

Thursday, October 1st 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h, jeudi le 1 octobre.
The Grand Prize Film Screening
La Séance Grand Prix
Includes prizes for Best Film, Best Director, Best Canadian Film and the Public Prize
Incluant prix pour Meilleur Film, Meilleur Realisateur, Meilleur Film Canadien et le Prix du Public

We are also pleased to announce that the Official Closing Film of teh Festival will be Mirek Hamet's S'Oublier. If all goes well, this will be presented in a brand new 35MM print!

Bon Festival!

And we hope to see you at Cinema du Parc!

The YoungCuts and MyFilmmaker Team

Jay Moulton, Chairman
Louise Kierans, President
Michael Ryan, Festival Director
Francois Laurent, Festival Co-ordinator
Philippe Lapointe, Festival Producer
Marc Hétu, Festival Producer and Captain of the victorious YoungCuts Film Festival Dragonboat
David Roux, YoungCuts Host
Sabrina D. Fenster , YoungCuts Publicist (STRUT INC.)

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