Friday, June 5, 2009

Moitié-Moitié Lives Up to His Name

The biggest wrestling gossip in Québec is Drénuke who I affectionately call Moitié-Moitié because 50% of the time he is half-right.

This is his latest bit about the IWS:

De nouveaux venus à la IWS

I! W! S!
Lors de leur prochain gala (Hardcore Heat) le 29 Août prochain au Cabaret du Musée Juste pour Rire, deux nouveaux lutteurs tenteront de s'illustrer à la IWS, après une brève apparition dans le combat royal à X.

Ces deux lutteurs sont:

Alex Silva, le Portuguese Man'O War québécois
(Sorry Rod Rigues!)
The Gorilla-ManFacebook Fan Club Alex Silva

Et Pauly Platinum, celui qui souhaite voir Bob Gainey quitter un de ces jours
(Il n'est pas le seul!)
Does he know that in teh Metal Men, Platinum is a girl?Pauly Platinum Official Fan Club
(coudonc, c'est à la mode les fan clubs!?)

P'tite question: va-t-on les voir performer sous de nouveaux noms? ;-)
Publié par Drénuke à l'adresse
So just to translate briefly:
Newcomers to the IWS
During their next show
Hardcore Heat (August 29th) at the Just for Laughs Museum Studio. two new wrestlers will try to make an impression in the IWS. (Both wrestled briefly in the Battle Royale during X.)
These two wrestlers are:
The Portuguese Man of War Alex Silva
And Pauly Platinum who just made an appearance in a streeter interview saying that Bob Gainey should be fired for hiring
Jacques Martin to coach the Montreal Canadiens.
Small question: Will they be given new names?
Allow me to respond:

1. When I read the headline at first I read venus as venue and thought that Drénuke was going to talk about our return to the Just For Laughs Museum Studio. Proof that Hell has officially frozen over.

Cock-Knocker!2. The snarky bit at the end, is name from Van Hawk to Brian Corcoran. For a while, I was calling Corcoran "Cock-Knocker" because that is what Shane Matthews called him during their first appearance against 2.0. Sadly due to a restraining order I can only refer to Brian Corcoran as "Cock-Knocker" in order to explain why I am no longer calling him Cock-Knocker.

Here is my explanation for why we changed their names in the IWS. Their old names were stupid names. Bailey is not a member of the Sydal wrestling family, and he doesn't look like he should. And Van Hawk is not only a stupid name, it is too close to Shayne Hawke. But a tag-team called Speedball and Cock-Knocker? That would be AWESOME!

Oh right. Stupid restraining order.

And to answer

3. Here is what Actually, I can't really confirm that. I assume that they are booked on Hardcore Heat.

4. Just like they were on X in the Veteran Battle Royale where any one could have entered as long as they had previously been in the IWS; just like Alex Silva was at Know Your Enemies; just like both men were at Violent Valentines in their IWS debut in the 4-Man Nic Paterson Invitational. (The other two men were Lex Lerman and Stratos.)

Lex Lerman won the match, pinning Stratos, but it was Alex Silval who impressed the most and he has been booked in every IWS show since. He has already gone through the rite of passage that all IWS rookies have to go through eventually and survived his match against EXesS at Know Your Enemies.

Moitié-Moitié: Alex Silva and Pauly Platinum will be wrestling at Hardcore Heat.
No Moitié-Moitié: They will not be making their debut. They did that in February. Only five months late on noticing though.
No Moitié-Moitié: We will not be changing their names. We didn't do it back in February, we aren't about to start now.

But you know hitting 1 for 3 consistently would get you a muti-million dollar baseball contract, so you always have that.

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