Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For Bridget 4: Eric Angelillo's Art Step by Step

For Bridget 4: Eric Angelillo's Art Step by Step

This is another piece of art that I commissioned for my girlfriend Bridget, part of the series on cats.This one I got Eric Angelillo to do. Eric had a great animated music video in last year's YoungCuts Film Festival called Thunderstrike.

Inks with a bit of Colour
This piece of art was for Bridget's recent birthday.

This is what I asked for:
"The gray kitten pulling itself wet out of a bathtub, while a dry white and cream Siamese and a dry Brown and beige Tonkinese look on with amusement."

Final Colors

Eric thought that the picture worked better with a bucket instead of a bath-tub and I have to agree with him.

Bridget is equal parts delighted and horrified by the picture. (She thinks that the cats are being mean to her Maggie, the grey kitten. Her first reaction was "On, No! Poor Maggie!")

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