Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For Bridget

My girlfriend Bridget likes blue roses.

I, on the other hand, dislike flowers as gifts because I am an unromantic schmuck, because flowers die, because they frequently stink and because I have a tendency to be allergic to them.

So, the last time I went to a comic-book convention, I went to an artist doing sketches bu the name of Mike Holmes and asked him to draw me a vase with a blue rose in it with a beige and brown short-haired non-evil Siamese cat rubbing up against the vase. The Siamese cat because Bridget has one (Bianca) had another (the late and dearly missed Sasha) and her mother has two more (Bailey and Tyson).

Here is what Mike drew:

Tyson and Vase With Blue Rose

As it turns out, the cat he drew is the spitting image of Tyson who belongs to Bridget's Mom.

Non-evil is admittedly subjective.
I actually gave the original drawing to Bridget some months ago, but to properly explain my Valentine's Day gift to her, I had to show this image first. (I will show her Valentine's Day gift tomorrow.)

Also, a bit freaky, I was looking up Mike's tumbler page and twitter feed and I came across this picture that he put up yesterday for Valentine's Day. The freaky bit being that I just wrote about Krazy Kat last week when I was thinking about comic-book romance.

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