Thursday, February 24, 2011

YoungCuts Music Video: Ketsia "Just Let Me Go"

YoungCuts Produced Music Video
Ketsia "Just Let Me Go"

How do you get your music video done well, done fast and done on a tight budget?
Ask YoungCuts through our site!
Just to give you an idea on how quickly (and cost-effectively) we work around here...

Ketsia's music producer got in touch with us on December 29th (2010)
We sent out a call for filmmaker submissions on the same day.

This is how we described the project:
"Music video for up and coming Montreal
 singer. Looking for upbeat high-energy film, shot on a controlled
budget. Film would have to be HD broadcast quality. Prefer to focus on
the singer, with as few distractions (dancers, extras) as possible."

We sent the producer 3 filmmaker bids on January 5th (2011).
We arranged for him to interview the 3 filmmakers on January 7th.
The music producer chose his filmmaker on January 7th.

The contract was signed on January 13th.
All filming was done by January 22nd.
Fine Cut was delivered on January 31st
Requests for revisions were delivered by the music producer on February 3rd.

The Final Cut was delivered and accepted on February 11th.
All material was delivered by ftp on February 11th.
The video was uploaded to YouTube on February 13th.

Without discussing the budget in detail, the music producer paid under $6,000.00 and had his completed music video (which he is delighted with) uploaded to YouTube within 46 days (!) of asking for a quote. The music producer actually had bids even less than what he ended up paying, but fell in love with the filmmaker's artistic vision for the music video. The music producer is much happier with this music video than the last one that he had done on a much higher budget!

You can get your music video done well, done fast and without either blowing your brains our or breaking the bank and this video right here is proof!

For more information on getting your music video produced by YoungCuts, contact Michael Ryan,, 514-285-4591

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