Friday, October 8, 2010

Last Update for IWS LAST SHOW EVER (Saturday Club Soda Montreal)

Last Update for IWS LAST SHOW EVER (Saturday Club Soda Montreal)

Some last minute update with my comments:
First and foremost, it is with extreme regret that we must announce that due to circumstances beyond the IWS' control, Pierre Carl Ouellet will not be in action this Saturday night. Despite this unfortunate news, the International Wrestling Syndicate is 100% committed to delivering the fans in attendance that night an action packed evening that will not be forgotten.

The IWS would like to apologize for this inconvenience.

With that being said, the IWS would like to make up to the fans who plan to attend the festivities this Saturday night by signing a brand NEW match! A contest that will feature the return of two superstars of the past. In what will prove to most definitely be an exciting and action packed affair, former IWS Canadian Champion, CHRISTOPHER BISHOP will take on long time foe as well as tag team partner, LIONEL KNIGHT. Both of these men who broke into the IWS in July of 2005 and instantly captured the attention of the fans as high flying and death defying athletes will surely look to bring that same type of atmosphere to the ring at IWS' Last Show Ever!

With only days left until IWS presents it's Last Show Ever, management is looking at ALL applicants who hope to take part in the Canadian Open for the IWS Canadian Title. With that beind said, one special decision has been made. A match with such important implications needs to most definitely be called down the middle. Who better to call a match of such importance than a man who knows what it is like to hold the IWS Canadian Title?

With that being said, the IWS is happy to announce that this Saturday night, former IWS Canadian Champion DON PAYSAN has been appointed as the SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE for the Canadian Open! Don Paysan, who retired from wrestling some months ago made it extremely clear that while he could not be in competitive action at Club Soda, he wanted to be a part of this historical night in some capacity. He will now have the difficult job of officiating the madness that will ensue in the Canadian Open.

In addition to all of this news, lets review what has ALREADY been announced for this Saturday night at Club Soda.

Jagged and Shane Matthews, 2.0 take on long time rivals, Player Uno & Stupefied, The Super Smash Brothers.

Shayne Hawke will defend his IWS Canadian Championship in a Canadian Open featuring challengers, Alex Silva, Kid Kamikaze and "Speedball" Mike Bailey as well as others to be signed.

Fred "La Merveille" Lauzon has issued the challenge to Beef Wellington. The question begs, will Beef Wellington accept?

"MVP" Michael Von Payton looks to invade the Last Show Ever to ruin the night and legacy of the IWS. In his way is the air guitar hero, Twiggy.

In the main event of the evening, The Green Phantom puts his IWS Championship on the line against challengers, The Arsenal, "Triple X" Sexxxy Eddy and PCP Crazy Manny in a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS MATCH.

ALL of this including Franky The Mobster, the return of "Canadian Dynamite" Max Boyer as well as many surprises!
PCO not being there is really unfortunate, but Chris Bishop and Lionel Knight coming is a great surprise.

I remember when we booked Chris Bishop in our Extreme Dream tournament to crown our first Canadian Champion. It was largely as a favour to Ontario's UWA promotion and we had no expectations. Bishop blew away everyone in the building in the most impressive debut match I have ever seen. A month later he was our first Canadian champion.

While Chris Bishop was immediately rated as a great wrestler, Lionel Knight never really got the break that his skills deserve. Lionel's best chance at success in the IWS was a run at the IWS Tag Team Titles with Bishop as his partner. In fact, at one point, Checkmate (Knight & Bishop) had a non-title win against the IWS Tag champions and were poised to win the belts. Unfortunately a drunk driver ran Chris Bishop off the road and Checkmate never got back their lost shot at the belts.

I am not sure if Knight has ever really forgiven Bishop for costing Lionel his best shot at IWS glory.

My phone has been ringing off the hook all day for tickets. If you want a good seat be prepared to line up by Soda early! I hope to see you for one last showcase of IWS insanity.


  1. Love that no one cares!

  2. Well, we sold just under 500 tickets, so that is a bit more than "no one"