Saturday, October 9, 2010

International Wrestling Syndicate: Last Show Ever! TODAY! Club Soda/Montreal

I saw my first IWS show in 2001 and it made such an impression that I wrote 10, 000 words about it. To give you an idea how accurate a wrestling reporter I was, I identified the IWS DJ as a girl when it was really an Italian with long hair (DJ Stab Tony).

I started writing FOR the IWS in January 2003. It's been quite a ride for 7 years.

I have been time-keeper, publicist, writer, camera-man, commentator and ring announcer. I rang the bell at ECW Arena. I helped Sid Vicious paint a midget. I have talked backstage with PCO, Chris Daniels, Christian, Sabu, Mike Quackenbush, Larry Sweeney, Eddie Kingston, the Dudleys and Kevin Nash amongst many others.

I wrote stuff that somehow got Quebec wrestlers booked on three continents. I (somewhat inadvertently) helped create a character - El Generico - known around the world. I also wrote stuff that was misquoted to terrifying effect in newspapers across Canada.

I helped book shows with results so mind-blowing that David Meltzer woke his Quebec correspondent at 3AM because he thought the results were a practical joke. I helped book shows, matches and feuds that were voted the best in Quebec not just once but year after year.

It's been an incredibly opportunity and I am proud of every second of it. For the past 9 years I have told anyone who would listen that the IWS wrestlers are as good as any wrestlers in the world. It was easy to be convincing - it happened to be true.

None of it would be possible without Manny, the most frustrating, annoying, aggravating boss that I have ever had. Also possibly the most brilliant. Manny is easily the most underestimated promoter that Quebec has ever had.

He drives me crazy, but when I was sick with diabetic hypoglycemia, half out of mind from blood-sugar intoxication, the guy that I called for help first was Manny. I didn't need to call anyone else.

I am proud to call him my friend and tonight one last time Manny and I and all the other IWS lunatics - we will try and give Montreal the best, craziest, bloodiest, most intense wrestling show that it has ever seen. I am betting we will - once again - succeed.

I hope to see you there.


Last news from the show:

After weeks of skimming through the credentials of talent looking to take part in the Canadian Open to challenge Shayne Hawke for his IWS Canadian Championship, the field HAS been set. As previously announced are the quick and powerful Alex Silva, the spectacular "Speedball" Mike Bailey and a former Canadian Champion in his own right, Kid Kamikaze. The IWS is pleased to announce that the final two spots in this match have been filled by two very qualified competitors.

The first of which is a man who held the Canadian Title on his last night in the company in the Summer of 2008. Challenger number five will be none other than the returning "CANADIAN DYNAMITE" MAX BOYER! Boyer has made it clear to IWS management that he is coming to Club Soda on Saturday night to reclaim the title he lost over two years ago.

The sixth and final challenger in this important Canadian Open match has also been confirmed. Make no mistake, this sixth challenger is nothing short of awesome. IWS has promised surprises for it's Last Show Ever, so to find out who this mystery challenger is, be there Saturday night at Club Soda!

The match has been made official, the Canadian Open will feature Shayne Hawke(c) vs Alex Silva vs "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Kid Kamikaze vs "Canadian Dynamite" Max Boyer vs A Mystery Challenger in a match held under elimination and scramble rules! And do not forget, the special guest referee for this contest will be Don Paysan!

In addition to this, one cannot forget the spectacular card that has been signed for IWS' Last Show Ever!

- 2.0(Jagged & Shane Matthews) vs The Super Smash Brothers(Player Uno & Stupefied)
Jagged and Shane Matthews laid out the challenge two weeks ago and it HAS been accepted. This two year feud which carries on to this very day and that has spanned over many cities and countries will come to a head this Saturday night as both teams look for the win in what many say might very well be the most important match in this storied feud's history.

- Fred "La Merveille" Lauzon has laid out the challenge for Beef Wellington
The challenge was extended many days ago by Fred "La Merveille" and it has YET to be accepted. If Beef Wellington in fact does accept, we once again ask the question - WHICH Beef Wellington will be on hand at IWS' Last Show Ever? Despite that fact, if this challenge is accepted, no matter which Beef is in action that night, Fred "La Merveille" Lauzon will be in trouble as Beef has never been one to underestimate.

- "MVP" Michael Von Payton vs Twiggy
The talented, yet bitter Ontario veteran, "MVP" Michael Von Payton has made it VERY clear to IWS fans, IWS management and especially to current IWS Tag Team Champion, Twiggy whom he attacked two weeks ago that he is invading Club Soda to ruin the night and spit on the legacy that is the International Wrestling Syndicate. Feeling snubbed through out the years, MVP will have enough gasoline to fuel his fire of hatred but as we know, Twiggy will likely be living on a prayer this Saturday night as he walks in defending the IWS in this grudge match.

- Christopher Bishop vs Lionel Knight
Former IWS superstars return to clash in what will most definitely prove to be a high flying, exciting and action packed contest! This former tag team turned foes will look to bring the fans to their feet as they did five years ago during their debut. This match will NOT be one to miss and is truly one of the special attractions of the evening.

- The Green Phantom defends his IWS Championship vs "Triple X" Sexxxy Eddy vs The Arsenal vs PCP Crazy FN Manny in a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS MATCH!
These four men who had a huge hand in creating the IWS' legacy over the past eleven years their blood, sweat and tears will undoubtedly be looking to put it all one the one more time as they look to be the IWS Champion on this historic night. Former IWS Champion, The Arsenal makes his in ring return after a five year absence and this always dangerous indevidual most likely has not lost a step in his devious ways.

Former, multi time IWS Champion, Sexxxy Eddy will look to add yet another championship to his large resume as he walks into this Fans Bring The Weapons match as an odds on favourite to win.

In what will prove to be his final pro wrestling match, the Montreal cult icon, PCP Crazy FN Manny has his eye set on adding a third IWS Championship to his history as he walks into the ring for this final time.

Last but not least is the man who has the biggest target on his back of the four, current IWS Champion, The Green Phantom. All three challengers will be looking to do as much damage as they can to the title holder but the Hardcore Hero is not one to back down as he is one of the most dangerous men in IWS history who will definitely have a few extreme tricks up his sleeve this Saturday night in order to keep his championship.

In additional to all of this, before bell time, the IWS will be presenting a very special edition of Bloodstream featuring the wrestlers in action that night as well as appearences from "Mr.Wrestling" Kevin Steen and El Generico.

Fans, we can not stress this enough. PLEASE get your tickets now to attend this historic one night engagement. After eleven years, the IWS will be shutting it's doors Saturday night at the beautiful Club Soda in Montreal. To reserve tickets NOW, please PM this account. This is the CANT MISS event of the year in Montreal. Be on hand for the action as well as MANY surprises!

See you at the matches!

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  1. Can you please post the results and major highlights? Would love to know what happened on the big final night.