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YoungCuts Film Festival: New Contests! News and Notes

News and Notes from the YoungCuts Film Festival
The Premiere Showcase
for Great Short Films
by the Best Young Film Makers 25 and Under!

1. Extended Deadline for Entry to the YoungCuts Film Festival

2. YoungCuts Teen Film Contest with Free the Children/Directors of Change

3. YoungCuts Intern

4. Montreal: YoungCuts Contest with the Montreal Fringe Festival

5. Montreal: Call for Volunteers


Extended Deadline for Entry to the YoungCuts Film Festival

Our regular posted deadline is May 15th. As with every year, we deliberately pick a date to give us some flexibility to receive late films. Our extended deadline is June 15th. So, if you have not yet sent us your films, it is not too late.

Even after June 15th, there is a window of opportunity to get your film in and have it play at the Festival. We plan to announce our top 100 films for July 15th. Between June 15th and July 15th, we still look at entrants that come in late.

The secret is the earlier that we get your film, the better chance that it has to make the Festival. After June 15th, quality still counts, but length is very important. After June 15th, shorter films have a better chance of making the Festival as we get closer to creating our Festival program and schedule.

So if you are under 25 and you have a great film to show the world, send it to YoungCuts. And the earlier the better!

For more information.


YoungCuts Teen Film Contest with Free the Children/Directors of Change

YoungCuts has joined with Free the Children, the largest network in the world of kids helping kids to offer the following contest for teen film makers. If you have a film on a theme of social justice or you are thinking of filming and completing one before July 15th, this is a way of getting your film featured in the YoungCuts Film Festival and receive a film editing software package as a prize! Best of all, it is free to enter the contest!

If you are a teen film maker, or you know a teen film maker, read on!

Details below:


May 15, 2009 13:00
Contest End:
July 15, 2009 12:00

Ever dreamed of having your film featured at a festival? Well now is your chance! Document and submit a fiction or non-fiction film in English or French relating to any social justice issue you feel strongly about. The winning film will be screened at the Young Cuts Film Festival this September. Plus, the winner will receive Avid Xpress Pro editing software. Social justice issues surround and affect all of us every day.

We want to see your perspective on a social issue that you are passionate about in five minutes or less. Don’t miss your chance to have your voice heard. All you have to do is create a profile on http://www.doc/

Once you have signed-up, (or signed-in if you are already a member) click on the link below to enter the contest:




YoungCuts Bilingual Logo 4 copy.jpg




YoungCuts Intern

The YoungCuts Film Festival is pleased to welcome Francois Laurent on to our 2009 team as our 2009 Film Festival Intern. Like Catherine Cooper last year (Hi Catherine!) Francois will act as a film maker in residence helping us process and judge the films that we receive for the Festival. He will also assist us in creating films for some of our Festival sponsors, editing together our Festival trailers and filming our Opening Gala. (Not to mention helping us produce our Festival program book and the million other little tasks that need to be done for a successful Festival.)

Francois Laurent is a past president of the Concordia Cinema Student's Association and he is a graduate of the Mel Hoppenheimer School of Cinema.

Welcome on board Francois!


Montreal: YoungCuts Contest with the Montreal Fringe Festival

Every year, the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival presents some of the best and most controversial short plays in the world. This year they are giving the opportunity to Montreal film makers to create short films based around themes from this year's Fringe Festival and present them during an outdoors screening. The best film will be presented during the YoungCuts Film Festival (September 24th - October 1st at Cinema du Parc) and will receive Avid Xpress Pro editing software.

Think of it like a 72 Hour film contest only with time to do all of those little non-essential things like eat, breathe and sleep.

The contest starts on June 11th during the OOTFFA, the Out-Of-Town Fringe-For-All, when the Fringe Festival presents short previews of the plays being performed at the Fringe Festival by out of town acts. During the Fringe For All participating film makers and/or film making teams will draw Fringe themes and titles for the film that they will be creating (under six minutes in length). With the whole range of the Fringe Festival available to film, this is a great opportunity to create something unique!

Films have to be delivered to the YoungCuts office on Tuesday, June 16th so that YoungCuts can prepare the film compilation and the films will be presented on an outdoor screen at Parc des Ameriques on the evening of Wednesday, June 17th.

To sign up contact Michael Ryan or Francois Laurent at the YoungCuts office (514) 285-4591 or


Montreal: Call for Volunteers

For any of our friends, fans or film makers who would like to help us organize the Festival in any capacity please contact us. For film makers who can't afford a submission fee, give us a call and maybe we can arrange some kind of swap for your time.

To sign up contact Michael Ryan or Francois Laurent at the YoungCuts office (514) 285-4591 or


We expect to announce more exciting news from the YoungCuts Film Festival in the coming weeks. As well as some of our initiatives to find professional work for film makers. Stay tuned!

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