Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Movies: Archaic Blues

As an easy way to create content and since I am all about the LAZY, let us mutually decide that on Mondays I will post up a really good film from the YoungCuts Film Festival.

I really love Archaic Blues because it is short and brevity is the soul of wit and all. I also love the juxtaposition between the computer animation, the subject: an abandoned Greek statue forgotten in a dusty museum and bemoaning its fate and the way that the statue chooses to lament its misfortune: through a very 20th Century idiom, Chicago styles Blues.

This film by the way was done well before
The Ben Stiller comedy about statues coming to life in a museum.

Archaic Blues by Gregoire Picher

Film Details Below

Film Details for Archaic Blues

Director: Gregoire Picher

Description: Animated Musical by Gregoire Picher.
An old Greek statue abandoned and forgotten in a museum sings the blues.
A 2007 selection for the YoungCuts Film Festival.

Named to 2007 YoungCuts Top 10 Films Below 5 Minutes
YoungCuts Certified Silver for number of views (10,000+)

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