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Kevin Nash & PCO Radio Interview


Kevin Nash & PCO Radio Interview

From: steverockamaniac
Subject: Pierre Carl Ouellet speaks out on Kevin Nash
Date: Friday, May 29, 2009, 12:30 PM

Pierre Carl Ouellet says he may have made a mistake back in 1995 when he insisted on going over against the then WWF champion Kevin Nash during a house show tour in eastern canada, but he claims that despite attempts to apologize, Kevin Nash has held a grudge against him ever since. As a result of Nash's grudge, Ouellet claims he has lost 3 jobs, millions of dollars, and his good reputation in the wrestling business. This Saturday night at the IWS's tenth anniversary event, he gets the chance to settle the score once and for all when he headlines one on one against Kevin Nash. Earlier today PCO stepped into the main event for a interview about his problems with Nash, the match this saturday night, training for MMA, and where he hopes his wrestling career will go from here.

Meanwhile Kevin Nash also joined us and in true big sexy style he was very cool and laid back about PCO's allegations, Nash touches on the incidents, as well as his love for Montreal. Shares a hilarious story about himself and the kilq partying with some french hotties while snowed in during one trip to Montreal. Nash also takes time to touch on working the Indy scene, where his career is at this point, where he sees it going, TNA's upcoming Slamiversary celebration, acting, Vince Russo, Bob Backlund and much more in the 25 minute interview.

The audio of these interviews are available via The Main Event's official website ( or can be downloaded directly for the PCO interview and for the Kevin Nash interview

The Main Event can be heard live Sunday Mornings from 10:30am to Noon on CJLO 1690 AM in Montreal, and around the world on


A few final news and notes about the IWS Tenth Anniversary Show, plus Promo Videos.

I will give you TEN pieces of news for each of the IWS' TEN years.

!) VIP tickets are selling fast, We briefly sold out on Ticketpro, but they have some in stock now. If you need a VIP, let me know at

2) Should I be marking out that Kevin Nash called me on my cell Wednesday night?

3) The Wrestling Observer has now talked about this show THREE times which has to be some sort of record for a Quebec show.

4) Everyone seems to be talking about the Nash/PCO match. PCO told me that he has had calls from old friends and workers from all over the world.

5) Whether you think Kevin Nash was right in 1995 or whether you think that PCO was right in 1995, one thing that we can all agree on is that Kevin Nash believed that he was right in 1995 and STILL thinks that he was right today. PCO believed that he was right in 1995 and STILL thinks that he was right today.

And on May 30th, at the Medley, during the IWS Tenth Anniversary, Kevin Nash and PCO are going to settle the argument as to who was right in 1995 once and for all by punching each other really hard. And that is something that we ALL want to see.

6) In shocking news, Many people are excited about the possibility of Kevin Nash being punched in the face really hard.

7) Iron Mike Paterson, the IWS Ring Announcer and professional comedian has announced that he will be participating in the IWS Veteran Battle Royal and at various comedy clubs around Montreal has even guaranteed victory!

8) Obviously, I am stretching for something to talk about, but have I mentioned that I started a new When We Were Marks blog?

9) Speaking of stretching for content (and blogs). popular comics blogger Chris Sims wrote about both IWS and ISW in his Review of Slamtasia 2

10) There will be a Bloodstream during our Tenth Anniversary show. Excerpts from it are up on You-Tube now and are listed below.

And now excerpts from Bloodstream:

Kevin Nash:
YouTube - Kevin Nash at IWS 10th Anniversary Show in Montreal on May 30th

YouTube - IWS PCO - What happened with Kevin Nash in Montreal?

The Untouchables:
YouTube - IWS X - Untouchables

Heavy Maxx Fury:
YouTube - IWS X - "Heavy" Maxx Fury

The Green Phantom:
YouTube - IWS X - Green Phantom

PCP Crazy F'N Manny:
YouTube - IWS X - PCP Crazy F'n Manny


The Wrestling Observer called the IWS Fantastic!
Well, technically, they called our press release Fantastic! But if you don’t think that I am going to use that as an out-of-context pull quote, you don’t know me that well – or at all.

-- From their fantastic press release: The International Wrestling Syndicate celebrates its Tenth Anniversary on May 30th at the Medley with the biggest grudge match to hit Quebec since the Rougeaus fought the Garvins in the old Montreal Forum: Kevin Nash vs. Pierre-Carl Ouellet. The History: In September 1995, PCO (as Jean-Pierre Lafitte) was scheduled to face Kevin Nash (as WWF Champion Diesel) in Montreal. PCO refused to job in his home-town. Kevin Nash was a monumental ass-hole about it. PCO lost his push and eventually his position in the WWF. What You Need To Know: For the first time in 14 years, PCO will be in the same ring as Kevin Nash, the man who cost him his dream job and literally millions of dollars in lost revenue. PCO will be able to punch Kevin Nash in the face as hard as he wants and not go to jail for it.

Actually, technically that is what Bryan Alvarez had to say about us on Friday. On Sunday, Dave Meltzer was not quite so enthusiastic, but hey two mentions in the Observer off one press release. I’ll take that for a dollar!

--International Wrestling Syndicate on 5/30 at the Medley in Montreal is billing the Kevin Nash vs. Pierre-Carl Ouellet match the biggest grudge match in Montreal since the Rougeaus vs. Garvins. The Rougeaus vs. Garvins was an awesome angle. Anyway, this is stemming from a 1995 house show where Jean Pierre Lafitte (Ouellet's wrestling name at the time) refused to do a job for Diesel in Montreal in a WWF title match. That was a bad political move as he push was dropped and he was gone from the company soon after.


Mike and Nic Paterson’s Press Release for our Tenth Anniversary Show:


On Saturday May 30th, 2009, the International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) is proud to present Ten F’N Years: a not to be missed star studded spectacle of Pro Wrestling, Violence and nostalgia, to commemorate the IWS’ Tenth year in the business. On this night two former WWE champions, Big Sexy Kevin Nash and PCO Pierre Carl Ouellet, have been signed to wrestle in the Main Event on the biggest card in the history of Montreal Independent wrestling. This battle of titans will headline a show that includes a Ten Commandments Death Match between hardcore legends PCP Crazy Manny and The Green Phantom, a Fatal Four Way match for the IWS World Championship (Champion Beef Wellington vs. Sexxxy Eddy vs. Viking vs. Franky The Mobster), as well as a Mixed Martial Arts contest featuring Heavy Max Fury and IWS Bully Excess. In order to bring perspective to this showcase of intestinal fortitude, death defying maneuvers and electricity so thick it could be cut a knife; IWS President Nic Paterso n has contracted the hosting services of beloved Montreal comedian and unabashed wrestling fan Mike Paterson (Discovery Kid’s Edible Incredible, Brault & Martineau Ads). Mike was so excited to be there that he has thrown his hat into the IWS Legends 20 man Battle Royal! A mass of wrestling humanity will fill the ring at the Medley, as 20 past and present IWS stars battle it out in a No holds barred, over the top, Battle Royal! This will be an epic night, where legends will be made, titles will change hands, and the capacity crowd will get hit in the face with a reminder why they are wrestling fans.

For ten years the IWS has been bringing Wrestling’s biggest stars to Montreal (Jake The Snake Roberts, Psycho Sid, The Dudley Boyz, Christian, and Sabu). Undoubtedly, The signing of former WWE/WCW/TNA World Champion Kevin Nash is the biggest acquisition in the company’s history. Kevin Nash can be seen every week on TNA Impact (Spike TV) and around the world on Pay per View. Since 1995 he has been a dominant force in the world of Professional Wrestling. Along with Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall he revolutionized the business by forming the New World Order (NWO). There is no love lost between Nash and his opponent, Montreal’s own Pierre Carl Ouellet. PCO, who has enjoyed success in every major wrestling company (WWE WCW TNA), can boast the advantage of having over 1,000 rabid Montreal wrestling fans rallying behind their hometown hero. Kevin Nash thinks he can walk into the Medley and dominate with high impact power moves, but PCO is not going to let anyone come into his back yard and push him around.

The revolution that is the IWS started ten years ago; on gym mats placed on the floor in a make shift ring in a pub that has long since gone bankrupt. It has now become one of the world’s top Independent Pro Wrestling companies, launching tons of stars, and selling DVD’s around the world. The IWS is known for its signature hardcore style, performers that put their bodies on the line, and for infamous “fans bring the weapons” matches. The milestone event Ten F’n Years will not disappoint. Bodies will be broken, insane weapons will be used, and blood will be shed as the IWS prepares to embark on its next ten years: Another decade of victimizing the industry.


I asked Manny what exactly an “IWS Ten Commandments Death Match” was. According to Manny, “It means that the Green Phantom and I are going to kill each other in ten different ways.” I asked him to be more specific. Manny said that he would call me right back with more details, and well that was Thursday.

Let’s see chairs would be one, tables are two, ladders are three, barbed wire is four, light-tubes are five, thumbtacks are six, fire would be seven and I am tapped out. (Frankly I am just guessing at the first seven anyway, I have absolutely no idea what those two maniacs have planned.)


IWS Xth Anniversary
Card Quick and Dirty

Saturday, May 30th
The Medley, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Grudge Match: Kevin Nash vs. Pierre-Carl Ouellet

IWS Title Match: Champion Beef Wellington vs. former champions Viking, Sexxxy Eddy and Franky the Mobster

IWS Canadian Title: Canadian Champion Shayne Hwke vs. Twiggy

IWS Tag Team Title: Champions The Untouchables (Dan Paysan and Jamees Stone) vs. 2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews)
If 2.0 lose they can longer be a team in the IWS.

IWS TEN Commandments Death Match: The Green Phantom vs. PCP Crazy F’N Manny

MMA Match: EXesS vs. Heavy Maxx Fury

IWS Veteran Battle Royale: Twenty man over the top Battle Royal with wrestlers from the ten years of the IWS.


The IWS is justly famous for our Medley shows and justly famous for making wrestling history with our guest stars: Sid Vicious’ first active wrestling match after shattering his leg in WCW (during our Fifth Anniversary show.); Sabu’s last match in the indies before debuting on RAW in Un F’N Sanctioned 2006. This year we give you one of the biggest grudge matches in Quebec wrestling history, a match that many people thought would never ever happen.

This is the show you can’t miss. Come celebrate ten years of IWS insanity!

The IWS proudly presents: X, Our Tenth Anniversary Show. Special guest is Big Sexy Kevin Nash! X takes place Saturday, May 30th, at the beautiful, downtown Medley, 1170 St-Denis, near the Berri-UQAM Metro. Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 PM, show starts at 9 PM. VIP tickets are $35, Regular tickets are $25. VIP ticket holders admitted first. No reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at the Medley box office. This is an all ages show. Card and times subject to change. For more information go to or write to

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