Saturday, September 3, 2011 Animation and Music Screening for the YoungCuts Film Festival Animation and Music Screening
for the Tenth Anniversary YoungCuts Film Festival

Featuring animated films and music videos by young filmmakers from Quebec, Canada, the United States, Serbia, Poland, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Saturday, 1 October, 2011 5PM/17h samedi, le 1 octobre, 2011

Guzzo Mega-Plex Sphèretech 14, 3500 Côte-Vertu, Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada.

26 Films, Approximately 101 Minutes

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1. Toy House (USA) Yunjeong Ko, Animation, 2:00

Synopsis: A young boy, inspecting an abandoned carnival one night, is lured through the gates by an entrancing pixie.

2. Sadako (USA) Andy Mai, Animation, 1:30

Synopsis: Stories say that if you make a thousand paper cranes, a wish will come true. Sadako Sasaki became gravely ill after the bombing of Hiroshima. During her time in the hospital, she begins folding paper cranes. This is her story.

3. Waterton Lakes – Dreamer (Canada) Kevin Caners, Music Video, 4:00

Synopsis: Considered a hidden gem of the Rockies, Waterton Lakes National Park comes to life in spectacular form.

4. Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja (Canada) Greg Doble, Animation, 3:00

Synopsis: A cautionary tale that humorously warns us about the dangers of drunken, uncoordinated, weapon carrying Ninjas.

5. Of Hope and a Memoried Day (USA) Nicholas Reynolds, Animation, 3:00

6. CUEB (USA) Alex Knoll, Animation, 1:30

7. Yeku Remixed (QC) Simon Lardie, Music Video, 5:00

Synopsis: Music video about a luminous being called Yeku who lives a mystical relationship with nature.
Vidéo clip à propos d’un être de lumière nommé Yeku qui vit une relation mystique avec la nature. 
8. Divorce, A (Australia) Beini Huang, Animation, 4:00

Synopsis: A man trawls through his memories to try and make sense of his divorce.

9. Twilite – Fire (Poland) Marcin Mikulski, Music, 2:30

Synopsis: We can't hide from our problems. They'll always catch us.

10. Fin de Loup, Une (QC) Antoine Gaumont Lampron, Animation, 1:30

Synopsis: A hungry wolf in maximum security prison is hounded by mirages of fine cuisine.
Dans une prison à sécurité maximale, un loup affamé se fait jouer des tours par des hallucinations culinaires.

11. Bit Epicure (Canada) Rosa Aiello, Animation, 5:30

12. Break of Reality - Spectrum of the Sky (USA) S. V. Broadbent and Tami Tamar Sasson, Music Video, 5:30

Synopsis New York based group Break of Reality performs their intense song Spectrum of the Sky in their first produced Music Video. Enter the world of a dark forest where familiar characters Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, and the Hunter inhabit new roles.

13. How the Coyote got his Cunning (USA) Claire Niebergall, Animation, 3:30

Synopsis: A fable about the creation of the world, the ranking of all its creatures, and the world's first (failed) all-nighter.

14. Kill Matilda - Faultlines (Canada) Nathan Skillen, Music Video, 3:00

Synopsis: A dark and intimate close-up look at Kill Matilda aggressively experiencing their life falling apart.

15. Mon Monde (USA) Chrystin Garland, Animation, 2:30

16. Face Shop, The (USA) Noella Borie, Animation, 6:00

Synopsis: Neil is an 11 years old boy who has lost his face. His monster friend, Manny, brings him to a face shop in order to get him a new face.
Neil est un jeune garçon de 11 ans qui a perdu son visage. Avec son ami monstrueux Manny, il se rend au 'Sans visage', un magasin qui ne vend que des attributs faciales.

17. Wrecking Ball (Australia) Guy Verge Wallace, Animated Music Video, 3:00

Synopsis: As a family's repressed emotions take a sinister material form, and the analog world in which they live is corrupted by the digital, the family falls apart.

18. 5 Minutes Each (Canada/Serbia) Vojin Vasovic, Animation, 10:00

Synopsis: A metaphorical story about the constant struggle of the artist to reach those five minutes of limelight.

19. Turn Up the Volume (Canada) Miles Jay, Music Video, 3:30

20. History of Denim, The (UK) Drew Roper, Animation, 4:30

Synopsis: Johnny Roper, a foundry factory worker from the Black County (Mining Region), West Midlands, tells us his story of how he created Denim, and had his invention stolen!

21. Bird (USA) John Balcome, Animation, 5:30

22. Haleiya (QC) A. J. Korkidakis, Animated Music Video, 3:30

Synopsis: Where do memories go when we don't want them anymore? The journey of an abandoned moment from the past, searching for a new home, told through a series of photographs and stop motion animation.

23. Icare et le Géant (QC) Simon Leclerc, Animation, 1:30

24. Clocked In (USA) Ike AhLoe, Animaton, 9:00

Synopsis: The battle to remain conscious and find humanity in an otherwise hostile work setting reaches a destructive and hopeful climax.
25. LipDub at Calvin College (USA) Rachel Kuyvenhoven, Music Video, 4:00

Synopsis: A four-minute one shot video of students going about their regular activities, such as rock climbing, swimming, and working out, while also singing along with the song So Much Love by The Rocket Summer.

26. Girl and the Fox, The (USA) Tyler Kupferer, Animation, 5:30

Synopsis: When a mysterious fox starts killing Ilona's chickens, she has no choice but to track down the strange creature in order to ensure the survival of her family.

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