Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oasis HD Grand Prix Screening (Best of the Fest) at the YoungCuts Film Festival

Oasis HD Screening
for the Tenth Anniversary YoungCuts Film Festival

Featuring the best films of the Festival by young filmmakers from Quebec, Canada, the United States, Switzerland and France.

Sunday, 2 October, 2011 9PM/21h dimanche, le 2 octobre, 2011

Guzzo Mega-Plex Sphèretech 14, 3500 Côte-Vertu, Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada.

15 Films, Approximately 107 Minutes

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1. Fokker, Le (QC) Anthony Boulay, Animation, 1:00

Synopsis: One quiet evening at the aircraft museum, a rambunctious little boy decides to steal a plane to go flying in the clouds.
Une soirée tranquille au musée de l'aviation, un petit garçon turbulent décide de voler un avion du musée d'aviation pour se promener dans les nuages.

2. Finding Soil (USA) Tavarius Eberhart, Drama, 7:30

Synopsis: Sometimes it's hard to grow without a strong foundation.
Parfois c'est dur à grandir sans une forte fondation.

3. Patrick the Artist (Canada) Aidan Jeans, Documentary, 4:30

4. Il Était Encore Un Fois (QC) Roxanne Baril-Monfette, Animation, 1:30

Synopsis: Mister Fox finally gets his cheese only to find that Mister Crow has encased it in a metal container!
Maître Renard, parvenant à obtenir son fromage tant désirée, ne se douta point que Maître Corbeau, cette fois-ci, le lui offrirait dans son emballage métallique.

5. Diaspora (Canada) Aadhi Vive, Drama, 6:30

Synopsis: Hard work, a good education and a big dream sound like the sure ingredients for success in starting a better life in a new country. But are they?

6. Insecurity (USA) Mallory Mahar, Animation, 1:00
7. En Route (Canada/USA) Colin Levy, Drama, 8:00

Synopsis: A slight deviation in course - a fortuitous decision in child's play - can spawn a ripple effect that will change the trajectory of your life.

8. Extraordinary Fight of Atticus Walker and the Monster in his Mind, The (USA) Michael Karman, Comedy,  13:00

Synopsis: You know that voice? The one that reminds you of your every insecurity? For Atticus Walker, this voice is 6 feet tall, obese, furry, and green.

9. Amis, Les (QC) Olivier Brisson, Animation, 2:00

Synopsis: Friendship.
De l'amitié.

10. Best Christmas Ever, The (USA) Kai Winikka, Comedy, 2:00

Synopsis: Santa Claus comes down a chimney but only two of the three children were good enough to receive presents - the latter gets a surprise.

11. Invité, L' (QC) Colin Racicot, Drama, 13:00

Synopsis: Antoine, a lonely fisherman, makes an unusual encounter while fishing on the frozen lake.
Antoine, un pêcheur solitaire, fait une rencontre inhabituelle en allant pêcher sur le lac gelé

12. Halbschlaf (Switzerland) Johannes Hartmann, Drama, 8:00

Synopsis: Confusion through dream and reality...
Une confusion du rêve et de réalité.

13. Collection of Walt, A (USA) Greg Yagolnitzer, Animation, 3:00

Synopsis: Walt struggles with everyday tasks.

14. Tempus Fugit (QC/France) Fred Grivois, Comedy, 11:30

Synopsis: We do not negotiate with terrorists. Unless there is money to be made...
On ne négocie pas avec les terroristes. Sauf s'il y a du blé en jeu…

15. Dead Grass, Dry Roots (USA) John Negropontes, Drama, 24:00

Synopsis: A peaceful cattle rancher must abandon his pacifist beliefs in order to save the life of a young man condemned to hang.

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