Monday, July 18, 2011

Fantasia 2011: The Unjust (First Sound on Sight review)

Leading up to this year's Fantasia Film Festival, I wrote a couple of blog posts about my favourite discoveries from Fantasia. I contrasted that list with Ricky from Sound on Sight's list from 2010 of the of the best films ever screened at the Fantasia Film Festival.

Fantasia 2011

Ricky was kind enough to contact me on Twitter to say, "@Llakor your blog is great. If you ever want another site to publish on, hit me up with an email."

Well, flattery will naturally get you everywhere with me, so I wrote up a review of The Unjust which you can find here.

The Unjust Poster
The Unjust aka Bu-dang-geo-rae
Written by Hoon-jung Park
Directed by Seung-wan Ryoo
South Korea, 2010
Fantasia imdb

In brief, while the film is a little rocky to start because it takes a while for the filmmaker to introduce all the characters and get all the plates spinning, once he does the film hits its groove and accelerates to a bleak but inevitable (and satisfying) conclusion.

The middle section of the film reminded me a lot of Changing Lanes or L.A. Confidential or Romanzo Criminale except where those films flinched and went with bullshit Hollywood happy endings, The Unjust keeps its artistic integrity and gives us the truthful ending no matter how dark and unhappy that ending turns out to be.

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