Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 YoungCuts Film Festival Selection: Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja

2011 YoungCuts Film Festival Selection
Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja

The YoungCuts Film Festival is pleased to announce that it has selected Greg Doble's animated film Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja as one of our Top 100 International Short Films for 2011. The film is also shortlisted for consideration as Best Animated Film.

This is a Ninja.


The Official Final Deadline of the YoungCuts Film Festival was June 15th. While we will only announce our full selection of our Top 100 around July 15th and while there is still an opportunity for films that we haven't received yet to trickle in after the deadline, we thought that we would begin announcing some of the films that we know will be included in our Top 100.

These won't be announced in any kind of order and they should not be interpreted as any kind of ranking, just that we have all the material for this particular film and that we do consider it one of the Top 100 short films by filmmakers 25 and under that we have seen (and will see) out of more than a thousand films that we have screened from more than 30 countries.


 Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja
Greg Doble

Directed and Written by Greg Doble

A whimsical animated exploration of the dangers of riding the subway, public drunkenness and ninjas or as Chuck Norris would say it, "Ninnjaaaazzzzzzz..."

It's always tricky for an animator to introduce his characters and tell a complete story in two minutes or less, something that Greg Doble handles with deceptive ease.

We particularly enjoyed the way that Greg split up the screen and used frames to tell his story.

This is a Ninja on a Drunken Spree


Runtime: 2 min
Completion: 2011
Country of Origin: Canada (Alberta)
Synopsis:  A cautionary tale that humorously warns us about the dangers of drunken, uncoordinated, weapon carrying ninjas.

Any Questions?


Filmmaker Bio: Greg Doble, a new media artist based in Calgary, is currently a fourth year student at the Alberta College of Art and Design in the Media Arts and Digital Technologies Program. Favouring illustration, animation and photography in his work, he likes to focus on the mundane as well as on interesting interactions between people, and he often elaborates on everyday experiences in fantastic ways. Doble describes his work as narrative based and characterizes his style as light-hearted with a carefree sentimentality.

Filmmaker Age: 21


The 2011 YoungCuts Film Festival will begin on Thursday, September 29th. Screenings will be at the Guzzo Spheretech beginning on Friday, September 30th. Stay tuned for details on how to enjoy the amazing films that we will be presenting including Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja!

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