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2011 YoungCuts Film Festival Selection: La Combi Borracha (The Drunken Bus)

2011 YoungCuts Film Festival Selection
La Combi Borracha (The Drunken Bus)

The YoungCuts Film Festival is pleased to announce that it has selected Luis David Rojas Guerrero's short film La Combi Borracha (The Drunken Bus) as one of our Top 100 International Short Films for 2011. The film is also shortlisted for consideration as Best International Film.

The Drunken Bus


The Official Final Deadline of the YoungCuts Film Festival was June 15th. While we will only announce our full selection of our Top 100 around July 15th and while there is still an opportunity for films that we haven't received yet to trickle in after the deadline, we thought that we would begin announcing some of the films that we know will be included in our Top 100.

These won't be announced in any kind of order and they should not be interpreted as any kind of ranking, just that we have all the material for this particular film and that we do consider it one of the Top 100 short films by filmmakers 25 and under that we have seen (and will see) out of more than a thousand films that we have screened from more than 30 countries.


Postcard for The Drunken Bus

La Combi Borracha (The Drunken Bus)
Luis David Rojas Guerrero

Written and Directed by Luis David Rojas Guerrero

We always love getting International submissions at the Festival especially when they are as funny, well-done and wise as The Drunken Bus from Mexico.

In many ways, this film has a tough job, keeping you interested in a story that is very confined two-hander, but the film keeps you engaged with some very smart but subtle camera choices.


Loading up the Bus

Runtime: 19 min : 25 sec
Completion: 2010
Country of Origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish with English Sub-Titles
Synopsis: Alexis drives the 'Drunken Bus', a service that provides transportation for young inebriated party-goers, with the purpose of preventing them from driving under the influence.The problem arises when Alexis meets Miguel, the most obnoxious, perverted and hilarious drinker. Together they will experience a hysterical night full of adventures, setbacks and predicaments, that will make them reflect on their own personal stories: alcohol, wheel, party and friendship.


Waiting for the Party to End

Filmmaker Bio: Luis David Rojas Guerrero, commonly known as “Wisapol”, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on June 25, 1985. He attended the Jesuit school Instituto de Ciencias from grade school to junior high. Even at early age, he was always interested in the world of art. At 14 he formally started his musical studies in saxophone and piano.

Later on, Luis David finished high school at the Colegio Victoria, where he got the opportunity to get involved in theater as an actor. His work there is especially highlighted by two plays: “Nora” and “Un domingo en la ciudad” in which he took on the leading role.

Our Hero

During this same stage in his career, he led and represented a rock n’ roll – surf band called “Los Cokos”, in which he also played the tenor and alto saxophone.

 At 19 he enrolled in the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) in the city if Guadalajara to pursue a degree in communication sciences. Here he practiced all kinds of cinematographic activities.
Alternate Postcard for The Drunken Bus

At this stage, he formed part of the “mezcal” university jury during the 24th edition of the Festival Internacional del Cine en Guadalajara. At the same time, he worked in multiple professional cinematographic productions with the film production company Cinema Estudio.

Currently, at 25, Luis David Rojas Guerrero works as a freelance media producer and writer. During his spare time he plays jazz in his saxophone, writes, goes to the movies, and enjoys life surrounded by his dearest friends and family.

Filmmaker Age: 25


Our Hero and his Nemesis

The 2011 YoungCuts Film Festival will begin on Thursday, September 29th. Screenings will be at the Guzzo Spheretech beginning on Friday, September 30th. We will present La Combi Borracha (The Drunken Bus) during the screening where we will present an award for Best International Film on Saturday, October 1st at 9PM. Stay tuned for details on how to enjoy all the amazing films that we will be presenting including La Combi Borracha (The Drunken Bus)!

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