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2011 YoungCuts Film Festival Selection: Le conte de l"orpheline

2011 YoungCuts Film Festival Selection
Le conte de l’orpheline

The YoungCuts Film Festival is pleased to announce that it has selected Katerine Lefrançois' short film Le conte de l’orpheline as one of our Top 100 International Short Films for 2011. The film is also shortlisted for consideration as Best Quebec Film.

The Orphan (Madeline)


The Official Final Deadline of the YoungCuts Film Festival was June 15th. While we will only announce our full selection of our Top 100 around July 15th and while there is still an opportunity for films that we haven't received yet to trickle in after the deadline, we thought that we would begin announcing some of the films that we know will be included in our Top 100.

These won't be announced in any kind of order and they should not be interpreted as any kind of ranking, just that we have all the material for this particular film and that we do consider it one of the Top 100 short films by filmmakers 25 and under that we have seen (and will see) out of more than a thousand films that we have screened from more than 30 countries.


Her Woods

Katerine Lefrançois
Le conte de l’orpheline (The Orphan's Tale)
Written & Directed by Katerine Lefrançois

Little girls who go into the woods with animals seems to be an early theme of this year's Festival. In this case, the little orphan walks her goat into the woods.

Despite being a film about the art and power of storytelling, this is not a movie that hands you exposition on a platter. It is a film comfortable in its silences (even if those silences are filled with grief.)

It is also about a small community that rallies in the most extraordinary way to bring happiness to a little girl.

Look for more information about when we will screen this film in the months to come. 

Sadly, I have no pictures of her goat

Runtime: 7 min : 14 sec
Completion: April 2011
Country of Origin: Canada (Quebec)
Language: French with English Sub-Titles
Synopsis: After the premature death of her parents, Madeline, an eight- year-old girl, has to live in the country with an aunt and uncle that she barely knows. Lonely and melancholic, the young girl is intrigued by a mysterious music that is coming out of the forest.

Suite au décès prématuré de ses parents, Madeline, huit ans, doit vivre à la campagne chez son oncle et sa tante, deux agriculteurs sans enfant. Seule et mélancolique, la jeune fille est intriguée par une mystérieuse musique provenant de la forêt.


Her Tale

Filmmaker Bio: Katerine Lefrançois is a young artist from the suburb of Montreal. She was Best of Diploma of the cinema program at the Cégep Saint-Jérôme in 2008. She then pursued her studies at Concordia University in film production where she directed two short films. After working on more than twenty productions, she discovered a passion for art direction and research. She is currently working on a documentary project.

Filmmaker Age: 22

Her Band (Technically this picture is a spoiler of a kind.)

The 2011 YoungCuts Film Festival will begin on Thursday, September 29th. Stay tuned for details on how to enjoy the amazing films that we will be presenting including Le conte de l’orpheline!

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