Thursday, March 18, 2010

War Rocket Ajax#22: Haters, Me, Four Bros

War Rocket Ajax#22: Haters, Me, Four Bros

Rusty Shackles for the WIN!As I mentioned before, I won an "Ups to All My Haters" contest to be on War Rocket Ajax with my Hater story about the time in Halifax when I almost killed a man. A story featuring Betty, Veronica, Wonder Woman and Thor!

Eugene and Chris decided to do a live-to-tape-digital Edit-Free-Ajax along with two guests:

1) Rusty Shackles, one of the artists Sims has somehow bullied into working for him for the pleasure of being yelled at for being late on work that he is not being paid for and called a Judas for even thinking of doing work for someone else. He wants to do an ISW cover. Here is his site.

PURE CONCENTRATED EVIL!2) Matt D. Wilson, of the International Society of Super-Villains and recent writer transcriber of HATE YOU FOREVER: How to Channel Your Rage Into Effective Supervillainy. Check out a sample chapter on The ISS here!

You can listen to the show here.

The show is in three parts. The first part is a round-table discussion by the Talkers Four sparked by listener questions. The second part, they invite me in and I SHILL like a madman, we discuss Player Uno's tights and I then tell my Hater story which leads to some hating on Giant Tiger by Chris Sims (with me pitching in)

Then we had an 8 person War Rocket Ajax tournament to crown the Saviour of the Universe during which I surprised the War Rocket Ajax by championing Abraham Lincoln.

Sims and I disagreed a bit about Abraham Lincoln and Xena, Warrior Princess. I was arguing that if you are picking Xena, you also get Dark Xena. Sims argued that the picture submitted for the tournament showed decaffeinated Xena and not Dark Xena. My argument than and now is that Xena and Dark Xena are the same person. You pick one and you get both.

I would also argue that if you pick Abraham Lincoln, you are by extension getting Robot Abraham Lincoln as well as Regular Abraham Lincoln, Rushmore Abraham Lincoln and Penny Golem Abraham Lincoln. (A giant Abraham Lincoln made out of Abraham Lincoln pennies.) In other words, Abraham Lincoln is a platonic ideal, you pick one you get the whole kit and caboodle.

Sims disagrees, proof that he is capable of being wrong.

Anyway, I had fun, told my story without making a complete idiot out of myself, got a few laughs from the War Rocket Ajax crew, so it's all good.

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