Thursday, May 3, 2012

YoungCuts Releases Free TextbookVideos Microeconomics Study Guide

YoungCuts Releases Free TextbookVideos Microeconomics Study Guide

Just in time for exams, YoungCuts Inc. releases a free Microeconomics study guide. The free guide, available on the TextbookVideos web-site, is based on a two year YoungCuts project that included the production of 150 short videos, featuring some of North America's best economics professors. Each video describes a key Economics concept. The videos use animation, graphics, b-roll, and special effects to help students quickly grasp the subject matter.

In preparing the project, YoungCuts interviewed more than 200 students, education experts, university administrators and professors who teach economics - including at least one from every U.S. state and Canadian province.

Company President and study guide author Jay Moulton explained the genesis of the study guide.

"After two years developing the Real World Economics video series, we found that written economics study guides existed, but most were hundreds of pages long.

There is a need for a notebook-type summary of key microeconomics concepts that students can use to study and prepare for classes, tests and exams.

We originally wrote this study guide to accompany the TextbookVideos microeconomics video series, but we decided to offer the text version of the study guide at no charge. If students like the study guide, they'll love the videos."

The video series is available by subscription for as little as $9.95 at

The study guide will also be available on the web-site with integrated videos.

McGill University Economics instructor Eesha Sen Choudhury, Ph.D., worked closely with the TextbookVideos team to develop the study guide, quizzes and videos.

The company's Real World Economics microeconomics series includes 60 core videos, each one averaging just over 4 minutes in length. TextbookVideos is releasing another 90 microeconomics videos at its web site in early May 2012.

The study guide's ISBN number is 978-1-927493-00-7. For further information, contact Jay Moulton at 514-846-3400, or

Download a copy of the TextbookVideos Microeconomics Study Guide - Text Version


YoungCuts Inc. produces short educational videos for governments, corporations, educational institutions and charities. The client list includes Pepsi, Air Canada, MTV, Astral Media, Cellfish, Concordia University, High Fidelity HDTV, and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. Every year, YoungCuts presents the world's largest international film festival for "Great Short Films by the World's Best Young Filmmakers"

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