Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Means... BattleWAR!

This Means... BattleWAR!

It's time that someone returned fun to wrestling in Montreal!

Like you, we have noticed that there has been a void in wrestling here in Montreal. We are not so dramatic as some wrestling fans as to call it "The Death of Wrestling in Montreal" but we have definitely noticed that you can't go to a bar, have a drink and watch the best wrestlers in Montreal, which is to say some of the best wrestlers in the world, best the ever-living holy shit out of each other while a bunch of drunken wrestling fans go nuts.

So we decided to decided to something about it.

On Sunday, April 22nd, 2102, we invite you to come Foufounes Electriques to watch great wrestling and drink cheap beer. The bell will ring to officially start the show at 8PM, but hell it's been so long since the last time that we have been able to get together, drink a beer and put on a wrestling show that chaos could erupt at any time that Sunday anywhere in Foufs.

Who's we? You might ask. Who has signed up to entertain you the way that only drunken Montreal wrestling can?

Well to start there's me. You know Llakor. The second best indy write-up guy in the world! (And modest too!)

Franky the Mobster has signed up! Twiggy has signed up! Stupefied has signed up! And celebrating a Decade of Generic Awesomeness, the greatest luchador ever to adopt Montreal as his home town - El Generico - has signed up! OLE! OLE! OLE!

And a bunch of other guys dedicated to beating the crap out of each other while you maniacs howl for more have signed up, but hey I need something to announce next week.

It's time to bring back the fun to wrestling!

And that means... BATTLEWAR!

For now that is all that you need to know, but - you know - since I like over-explaining things, every week over the next few weeks I will be announcing more wrestlers and - you know - matches, in inimitable Llakor style.




Did I say that was all you need to know? Oops. My Bad.

Tickets are $15. Buy a ticket in advance and you'll get a physical ticket, plus we'll bring you upstairs earlier and you can buy wrestling DVDs from me for $5. Contact me at for details with "BATTLEWAR Tickets" as the subject.

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