Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paying Filmmaker Gigs From MyFilmmaker.com (Montreal, Toronto, New York)

We have the following paying gigs from MyFilmmaker.com:

If you are interested in any of these projects:
To be considered for any project, please send a one-page pitch to Michael Ryan by Thursday, May 27th, 2010 (Mike@MyFilmmaker.com) 514.285.4591 - you should be registered on MyFilmmaker.com

Your one-page pitch should be a one-page pdf and should include the following:
Your name, your contact information, links to your portfolio and CV, a brief summary of your credentials, what equipment you would use, and your budget.

Note that for your budget, you should include all relevant costs including your pay as well as the MyFilmmaker.com fee (20% - minimum $100.00) For the budget just include the full amount. No breakdown is necessary unless the client specifically requests it.
These are the current projects:

Montreal or Remote 133  Music Video is for an Iranian musician living ¨in exile¨ in Montreal. Because of the political nature of the music and exile, the musician would prefer that the music video feature no one whose identity could be verified from watching the video.

The musician is looking for creative ways to add a visual narrative to his songs, beginning with this one. The song is from an an album about the "disenfranchised", that class or segment of society that has lost its' "voice", be it politically, economically or otherwise.  The song (in Farsi) and translated English lyrics will be available on request for filmmakers who would like to hear it before making a proposal from Mike@YoungCuts.com 514.285.4591

Montreal 142 Music video for the group 2 Kats Inna Hat. Video should incorporate the idea of hats perhaps a fashion video. Sample of song available on request from Mike@YoungCuts.com 514.285.4591

Montreal 138 Music video for a rock song by a Montreal Haitian musician. To be shot in Montreal in one day and one location in a loft or warehouse. Song is about the musician trying to escape from a spell cast on him. There may be follow-up videos with an expanded budget. Sample of song available on request from Mike@YoungCuts.com 514.285.4591

Montreal 139 Music documentary is intended to be a one-day in the life of a Haitian rock musician following him through all the varied and diverse parts of the Haitian community. This project would be shot around the same time as a music video (Project 138) and filmmakers can present a combined bid for the music video and the documentary. Sample tracks available on request from Mike@YoungCuts.com 514.285.4591

Toronto 140 Music video intended to be the first in a series of music videos for a Toronto musician about to be distributed internationally. Sample tracks available on request. E-Mail Mike@YoungCuts.com 514.285.4591

New York 141 Award-winning hip-hop group looking for a talented filmmaker to create their first music video. Looking for an urban hip-hop aesthetic. Sample tracks available on request. E-Mail Mike@YoungCuts.com 514.285.4591

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