Friday, October 30, 2009

Inter Species Wrestling (and Me!) featured on G4TV Canada!

Inter Species Wrestling (and Me!) featured on G4TV Canada!

I was at the Montreal Comic-Con the first week of September SHILL~ing Inter-Species Wrestling, the International Wrestling Syndicate and the YoungCuts Film Festival.

A cameraman from G4TV's show EP Daily (Electric Playground Daily) was there and practically broke his neck doing a double-take when he saw the Inter Species Wrestling stuff. He did an interview with me, we gave them some clips to use and they edited together the piece that ran Wednesday.

(Sadly they cut the bit about the "ass-kicking" that I took at the end of our last show.)

You can see it here:​watch/​19/​297/​4/​17

Or if you have problems with that link, you can see it here:

On the G4TV site, it is the EP Daily for Oct 28/09. The interview and clips start at 17:45.

Worth seeing for the ridiculous variation on the D-Lo Brown vest that was used at our last show.

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