Friday, July 10, 2009

Fantasia Film Festival: The Beginning

The Fantasia Film Festival started yesterday, my favourite film festival in the whole wide world - amongst those that I don't actually run that is.

Fantasia programs the fantastic, the bizarre, the gruesome, the horrible and the just plain weird. They were the first festival in North America to play Ringu. Fantasia was off the J-Horror craze in search of Korea and Thailand before most people even caught on to Japanese Horror as a cool trend.

Tickets are $8.00 or 10 for $70, so I have a list of twenty films to see. A friend of mine (Ken Hwang) just e-mailed me today to tell me that he has a ticket for me for one of the twenty on my list, so I have to pick a 21st film.

Here is my current plan-to-see at Fantasia film list:

Sunday, July 12 7PM Evil Spirit Viy (Korean anthology adaptation with three takes on a classic Russian ghost story.)

Monday July 14 7PM Book of Blood (Clive Barker.)

Wednesday July 16 7:30 Mutants (2 people in love during the Zombie apocalypse - one who is turning and the other who was in the process of turning when medical intervention reversed the process and who is now immune.)

Thursday July 17 7PM The Warlords (Jet Li is defending China and is prepared to be a complete dick in the process - based on HISTORY!) The film that I am seeing with Ken.

Friday July 18 9:25 The Chaser (Ex-cop turned pimp fights a serial killer targetting his hookers.)

Saturday July 18 10PM The Horseman (Australian Death Wish only with nastier weapons and less discrimination on the part of the vigilante. His daughter died doing porn, so anyone involved in the porn community is getting it right in the neck sort of thing.)

Sunday July 19 2:05 20 Century Boys (Manga Adaptation about the secret history of the future)

Sunday July 19 4:45 20 Century Boys 2: Electric Boogaloo The Last Hope (Part two of a trilogy about the secret history of the future.)

Monday July 20 8:10 Coweb (Female bodyguard has client kidnapped, must kill loads of people to get him back.)

Wednesday July 22 7PM Black (Parisian bank robber returns to Africa while being stalked by an African Shaman trying to release the bank robber's tribal super powers.)

Thursday July 23 7:30 Cryptic (Time travel story based on a woman calling her 12 year-old self on the telephone and trying to convince herself to change her present to save her future.)

Friday July 24 7:30 My Dear Enemy (Korean romantic comedy - that would be code for weirdness is about to break out.)

Saturday July 25 1:15 Private Eye (Korean murder mystery set during the 1920's Japaneses Occupation.)

Saturday July 25 6:30 Rough Cut (Gangster who moonlights as a Stunt Man agrees to work on a film with notorious Actor who never pulls his punches, but only if he gets to fight back.)

Sunday July 26 2:00 K-20: Legend of the Mask (About a Robin-Hood vigilante in 1949 Japan in a world where WWII never happened.)

Sunday July 26 4:45 Fireball (Full contact Basketball - TO THE DEATH!)

Monday July 27 7:20 Antique (Korean romantic comedy about a bakery shop run by a retired thug - adapted from the Manga.)

Monday July 27 9:45 I Sell the Dead (19th Century grave robbers in a world with real undead.)

Wednesday July 29 7:30 Trick R Treat (Modern horror anthology set on Hallowe'en.)

Wednesday July 20 9:45 TBA (The Fantasia Closing Film is usually good.)

Hopefully, I will bring back reviews!

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